On occasion I make lists. I like making lists. Whether or not I’m good at maintaining these lists are another thing. So here is the handy, dandy guide to the various lists/guides/whatever composed on AAA.

30 Day Challenges


During Liebster love 2014, our endearing blogger at A Fairytale World asked for nominees to make a plot line involving a rich guy and poor girl. I decided to answer in the form of an actual story versus just giving her a rundown of a plot. Thus  the series of Abandoned posts began.

Asian dramas Streaming on Netflix

As of now there seems to only be Korean dramas streaming, although there are dramas from other countries available on DVD.

Dramas & Movies based on Manga

This list is one I am perpetually behind on updating even though I know there are TONS of adaptations being made all of the time. Dramas based on comics is a very popular genre in Asia…well…it’s becoming more popular with all the comic books series turned into movies in the US now, too.

Recaps & Reviews

A list of Asian movies and dramas that have been recapped or reviewed on AAA.


Every now and then, NeeNee tries her hand at cooking real Asian food and “faux” Asian food. These are definitely worth a try and can be really yummy (after some major experimentation on my part).

Total Randomness

This is a series of random connections. Mostly about dramas. I have an interesting brain that likes to make random connections, and so I started doing these series as I thought of them. Oh, and just random thoughts in general…and random discoveries. I am a very random person at times and people sometimes complain about the way my brain works as they can’t really keep up.

  1. Random facts & connections about Pi Li MIT, Invincible Shan Bao Mei, Devil Beside You, Easy Fortune Happy Life
  2. Random facts about Pi Li MIT, A Man Called God, Aquarian Age: The Movie
  3. Random connections between Oh! My Lady and Personal Preference, plus Untouchable and Hero (2010 kdrama)
  4. Random connections between Chuno and Prosecutor Princess, plus talking about kdramas about Sukjong’s era.
  5. Character likenesses between Eita’s characters in Suppli and Sunao ni Narenakute
  6. Random connections between kdramas Pasta and Call of the Country
  7. Random connection between Korean movie 200 Pounds Beauty and kdrama Prosecutor Princess
  8. Random connections between Taiwanese drama Autumn’s Concerto and kdrama Glass Slippers
  9. Chinese drama The Holy Pearl is a spin on Takahashi Rumiko’s hit manga Inu Yasha (unofficially I believe)
  10. Random question: Why are we forcing a band to practice dancing in kdrama You’re Beautiful and jdrama remake Ikemen desu ne
  11. Random connections in kdramas Baby-faced Beauty and Exhibition of Fireworks
  12. Random connections between Hana Yori Dango, Absolute Boyfriend, Zettai Kareshi, and Boys Over Flowers
  13. Random ranting about unsatisfactory plot points and endings of dramas in the year 2013
  14. A random discovery of a cool Christmas tree completely made out of PASTEL artists’ CDs
  15. Tolerance – a random post about NeeNee’s drama watching tolerance.
  16. About Me

Just for Fun

As this sounds like, posts made just for fun! Mainly stuff I do instead of recapping, lol.

  1. Flower Boy Ramen Shop Captioning
  2. Skip Beat! Wall slapping GIF
  3. Exploring th English in BTOB’s “Insane” lyrics
  4. A stupid, I’m being really honest, video spoof from Absolute Boyfriend live action
  5. May Queen Sunset Series Part 1 (never did a part 2 and 3 like I originally planned, whoops)

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