Total Randomness #3

Choi SiwonKorean drama Personal Preference‘s episode 5 boasted a plot convention recently seen in episode 7 of Korean drama Oh! My Lady. And what could these two episodes with two very different story lines have in common?

In episode 7 of Oh! My Lady Min Woo eats Gae Hwa’s fishcake soup only to break out in hives because the soup had gone bad. Nothing like getting read blotches all over your face when you’re supposed to be modeling for a fashion show.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye JinIn episode 5 of Personal Preference, Jin Ho decides to help Gae Hwa become a more confident, hygienic woman. Knowing she has a job interview the next day, Jin Ho makes her a facial pack which they both end up putting on. The next morning their faces are covered in red blotches which either stemmed from rotten eggs or the kelp powder.

Totally random, but funny how there is a bit of a parallel between these two dramas.

And, another totally random parallel: Lee Jun Ki’s comeback drama Hero reminds me a bit of Nakama Yukie’s Japanese drama Untouchable. Both work for gossip magazines and are taken as trash reporters by the rest of the world. Oh, and there is the big, reputable magazine/newspaper that always seems to scorn them and it looks like both dramas will have some more heavier/edgier stuff happening. Although, Hero doesn’t have some secret organization trying to rule the world with terrorist acts, but seems to have some mystery/revenge going on surrounding the death of Jun Ki’s parents.

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