Just for Fun #1: Flower Boy Ramen Shop

So, in the spirit of just doing something for fun, I present you with a new project. Captions. Nothing too interesting or fun, I know. But amusing to me. So here is the first from me just because of the impending holidays. I decided to mix a little of Jim Carey’s the Grinch with Jung Il Woo’s Cha Chi Soo from Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

Jung Il WooIf I can extract the audio from that scene and put it with the picture, I think that’d make it even better. Alas, I’m not that motivated right now or rather I should say I have NO idea how to even try to get audio mixed with an image file.

Do you remember this scene? I do believe this is where Chi Soo started seeing Eun Bi (is that her name?) EVERYWHERE. I think she was playing volleyball on a billboard or sign and he was staring up at it.

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