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Welcome to NeeNee’s Asian Drama Blogosphere! These are Asian entertainment related sites that I recommend. This list will never be comprehensive. Nope, nope. There are tons of these types of sites out there. Blogging in general is a very nonpermanent thing. People lose interest, lose time. A blog ceases and several more pop up in their places. Welcome to the digital age.

Recaps & Reviews:

This list does contain sites that are no longer updated and maintained (they say [ceased] next to them), but that doesn’t make all the hard work they put into recaps and reviews any less relevant, does it? So even if you have no new posts from some bloggers, do check out all the hard work they’ve put into their sites to bring you recaps and reviews of beloved Asian dramas and movies.

Notes: Asterisks (*) denote the primary dramas covered. kdramas* means more kdramas are covered than the other types. I know I only mention dramas in types, but technically it is standing for both movies and dramas. I’m lazy and don’t feel like writing them all out.

Hearts (♥) denote personal favorites. These are blogs I go back to often. Or were favorites until they sadly ceased.

Blog Name Blog URL Dramas Covered Active
abby in Hallyu-land https://jediprincess.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2009 – present
Adverse Effects http://adverseffects.blogspot.com/ jdrama, kdrama*, twdrama 2011 – 2013
Akiko’s Morning Coffee http://akikosmorningcoffee.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama* 2011 – 2014
bloomingbird http://bloomingbird.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2012
Cadence http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2010 – 2015
Carrotblossom Patch http://carrotblossompatch.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama*, twdrama 2012 – present
cineclique https://cineclique.wordpress.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama*, twdrama 2014 – present
Confessions of a Teenage K-Mediaholic http://teenagekmediaholic.blogspot.com/ kdrama 2012 – 2013
The Corner of the Mind https://danni14ninohmiya.wordpress.com/ anime, jdrama, kdrama 2011 – 2015
Couch Kimchi http://couch-kimchi.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2010 – present
Dahee’s Plastic Castle https://daheefanel.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama* 2006 – 2013
Dorama Cloud http://doramaonna.livejournal.com/ jdrama 2013 – 2015
Dramabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/ kdrama 2007 – present
dramachaser https://dramachaser.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2014 – present
The Drama Corner https://thedramacorner.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2013 – present
Drama for Real http://dramaforreal.com/ cdrama, hkdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2014 – present
Dramajjang http://dramajjang.co/ jdrama, kdrama 2014 – present
Dramamochi https://dramamochi.wordpress.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2013 – 2015
Dramas Whoo! http://dramaswhoo.com/ jdrama, kdrama 2010 – 2014
DramaTalk http://maymaywatch.blogspot.com cdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2011 – 2015
A Fairytale World http://www.afairytaleworld.com/ cdrama, hkdrama, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2011 – present
The Fangirl Verdict http://thefangirlverdict.com/ kdrama 2012 – present
Give Me Dramas http://givemedramas.com/ twdrama 2012 – 2015
HamsapSukebe http://hamsapsukebe.blogspot.co.uk/ jdrama 2005 – 2016
Heidi’s Kdramaland https://kdramaheidi.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2013 – 2015
hellochloe http://hellochloee.blogspot.com/ cdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2010 – 2014
hkoreandramaisland https://hkoreandramaisland.wordpress.com/ cdrama, hkdrama, kdrama 2012 – present
Idle Revelry https://idlerevelry.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2012 – 2015 (no new posts yet)
If By Japan http://ifbyjapan.blogspot.com/ jdrama 2009 – 2015 (no new posts yet)
It’s My World – NewKDramaAddicts’s Drama Sandbox https://newkdramaaddict.wordpress.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama,
thai drama, twdrama
2013 – present
J-Drama Reviews http://jdramareviews.tumblr.com/ jdrama 2012 – 2015 (no new posts yet)
J-Everything https://tylerraiz.wordpress.com/ jdrama 2012 – 2014
K-Drama Central http://k-dramacentral.blogspot.com/ kdrama 2013 – 2015 (no new posts yet)
K-What!?! http://k-wha.blogspot.com/ jdrama, kdrama 2012 – 2015
Kaede + Jun http://www.kaedejun.com/ anime, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2010 – present
KDramaGuk http://kdramaguk.blogspot.com/ kdrama 2010 – 2014
A Koala’s Playground http://koalasplayground.com/ jdrama, kdrama*, twdrama 2010 – present
Korean Drama Choa http://kdramachoa.com/ kdrama 2010 – 2013; 2015
Korean Daydreamer https://koreandaydreamer.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2013 – 2015
Korean Variety Recaps http://www.koreanvarietyrecaps.com// kvariety 2016 – present
Lee J. Drama Corner http://leejindramacorner.com/ cdrama, kdrama*, twdrama 2011 – 2015
Lovefia’s Blog http://lovefia.com/ thai drama 2010 – present
Midnight Express https://2400express.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama 2010 – 2014
Musings of a Self-professed Dramaholic https://isabellelovestorant.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2013 – 2015
Musings of a Twinkie http://koreandramareviews.com/ kdrama 2010 – present
My Drama Tea http://mydramatea.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2011 – present
My Myooz https://mymyooz.wordpress.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2013 – present
Noises From the Closet https://noisesfromthecloset.wordpress.com/ kdrama*, twdrama 2011 – 2014
Noonas Over Forks http://noonasoverforks.com/ hkdrama, kdrama* 2014 – present
Outside Seoul http://outsideseoul.blogspot.com/ kdrama 2011 – 2014
popv https://popv.wordpress.com/ kdrama, thai drama 2011 – 2015 (no new posts yet)
The Problematic of the Unproblematic♥ http://dr-myri-blog.blogspot.com/ cdrama, kdrama*, thai drama 2010 – present
Prof. AKIA Talking Korean Drama http://www.akiatalking.com/ kdrama 2012 – present
Psycho Drama http://psycho-drama.com/ jdrama 2012 – present
Raine’s Dichotomy https://raine0211.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2011 – present
A Revolving Wheel https://arevolvingwheel.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2012 – 2013
Samsoon Down the Rabbit Hole♥ http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/ cdrama, kdrama* 2012 – 2015 (no new posts yet)
Scattered Jooni http://joonni.com/ kdrama 2013 – 2015
Setting Free♥ https://zsa86.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama, twdrama, thai drama 2010 – 2013; 2015
Shine a Light Rose♥ http://shinealightrose.blogspot.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2012 – 2014
sigh i love kdramas https://sighilovekdramas.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2012 – 2015 (no new posts yet)
Skimmed Milk Drama http://skimmedmilkdrama.com/ cdrama*, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2015 – present
sleeplessspirits https://sleeplessspirits.wordpress.com/ jdrama, kdrama 2013
The Talking Cupboard♥ http://thetalkingcupboard.com/ kdrama 2011 – present
Thoughts Ramble http://thoughtsramble.com/ jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2010 – present
Underrated Gems https://theunderratedgems.wordpress.com/ cdrama, jdrama, kdrama 2012 – 2015
The Vault https://vaultofdoom.wordpress.com/ kdrama 2009 – 2015
A Virtual Voyage http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/ cdrama, hkdrama, jdrama, kdrama, twdrama 2009 – present
Yay, panda! https://usagitoneko.wordpress.com/ jdrama 2014 – present

Streaming Sites:

Legal streaming sites with English subtitles. Since I live in the US, I know that you can access these sites in the US, but can’t say for sure for other countries. There are other legal streaming sites, like Viu or Singapore’s Medicorp streaming service, but they are only available for those in Southeast Asia I believe.

  • Amazon Prime Video – carries a variety of Asian dramas and movies
  • Crunchyroll – Asian dramas (mostly Japanese) and anime with English subtitles
  • Han Cinema – they stream a variety of Korean dramas
  • Hulu – Primarily Korean dramas, but they do have a selection of other Asian dramas
  • KOCOWA – joint streaming service brought to you by SBS, MBC, and KBS. Their titles are also available with a special pass via Viki.
  • Netflix – Mainly Korean, but other varieties are now being added.
  • Viki – They have a variety of Asian dramas, a more heavy focus on Korean, but they do have Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Taiwanese licensed, too.
  • YouTube – Asian broadcast companies do have some official YouTube accounts. I only really know of a few channels that provides full episodes of dramas and variety programs with English subtitles on a  regular basis. Most either do episodes snippets without subs or a few do full episodes without subs. I am working on compiling a list of legal YouTube channels (sorry, won’t list fansub channels) that I know provide subtitles partially or fully.

Other Recommended Asian-related sites:

These sites don’t necessarily do recaps or reviews (or if they do, it’s not the main focus), but they have some great content like music, manga, drama previews, translations, and more.


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