Nothing like blogging an addiction to Asian entertainment. From books to movies to manga to drama to anime to music, and whatever little offshots spring from there.

I (NeeNee) fell in love with anime at a young age thanks to shows like Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors, and Escaflowne being licensed and imported to the U.S. From there I jumped on the manga band wagon and fell in love with Mars, Hana Yori Dango [Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers], and Fruits Basket to  name just a few. Learning that HanDan had a live action version, I swooped up the second adaptation – the Japanese one –  and have since been lost in Asian drama la-la-land. Thus this blog was born… okay, not really.

This blog was born because I needed to learn WordPress for work. So…to learn WordPress, I decided I might as well learn it while blogging about something that I liked and thus Asian Addicts Anonymous was born. I’ve been blogging (mostly) regularly about Asian dramas, anime, manga, movies, and music since 2010. Woot.

And I then decided to rope my two good friends who helped strengthen my addiction into contributing to the site occasionally. You’ll see sporadic posts from nichan and Chani-chan and a special contributor missish.

You can holler in the comments, drop me a line using the contact form below or contact me directly at asianaddictsanonymous[at]outlook.com.


  • You seem like an interesting person.

    • Hmm, so do you. Now you are updating your blog more than I am, but then again, it’s gotten a little crazy for me :p

  • holy cow, do you have a better stash of my very ancient art than i do?!?

    also: i heart the last line of this page. that’s bloody awesome. *lol*

    • I do have some of your older art on my computer that has managed to survive 2 computer crashes & 3 new computers believe it or not.

  • wow awesome site, i found it after you registered on mine and linked it 😀 hope to see more of chinese series here 😀

    • I’m hoping to do more Chinese, too. Actually, I don’t think I’ve done anything beyond reviewing half of My Bratty Princess, plus a few episode recaps for Gong and Bu Bu Jing Xin. Oh, and I did My Prince. It’s just harder to get my hands on Chinese series.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your great site! I’m loving it.

  • Haha, NeeNee, your journey to Asian entertainment is exactly like mine. Show by show. Makes me miss the Hana Yori days… they were so long ago! Reminds me I haven’t watched a decent jdrama in ages.

    I’m watching Smile DongHae now and enjoying your commentary on each ep (at least I think it’s yours). Thanks for the hard work!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying Smile, Donghae. It’s a great drama which I will hopefully finally finish after 3 years :p

      Rich Man, Poor Woman (despite some flaws) has been one of the best Jdramas I’ve watched in a long time. Plus Oguri from Han Dan is in it! He’s a wonderful actor. It’s nice seeing him play a lead role where he gets the girl 🙂

      • Haha thanks, I’ll check it out! Definitely used to obsess over Shun. It’ll be interesting to see how he’s grown.

        And good luck with DongHae. I hope I can finish before Saewa’s evilness makes me break my computer.

        • I guess big props to Park Jung Ah for making me hate her soooo much as Saewa. I used to kind of like Do Jin, but he’s proving to be sooo annoying with his unreasonable attitude towards certain people. Sigh. But I will soldier on (prolly cause I know the ending already and it’s not a bad one :P) Plus…Ji Chang Wook. Need I say more?

          • I’m slowly starting to hate that whole family even though I was really looking foward to saeyoung and the mom growing up at some point. And I wanted DoJin to get better too… now it just makes me happy that if DongHae wanted, he could totally beat him up xD

  • Hey I love your new layout, it’s definitely the prettiest one yet! :3

  • Just found your site after searching for details on Netflix. I follow the blog by dramabeans for my Korean dramas. Happy to find your site and look forward to reading reviews on Japanese dramas and many of the Korean dramas dramabeans couldn’t recap. I watch my dramas on DramaFever, Viki, and MVIBO.

    • Welcome! Happy you found AAA! 😀
      I’m a follower of dramabeans, too 🙂 They are so good on their kdrama recaps and reviews. I hope you poke around and enjoy my small, eclectic offerings :). I watch dramas on MVIBO, Viki & DramaFever, too. I wish there was a sight that could offer more Japanese dramas with English subtitles. DramaFever only has a few titles and Crunchyroll has a few as well. But there is no substantial library right now, which is sad.

      • try gooddrama.net? i’ve been able to find most japanese dramas on there (with english subs)

      • Viki.com is starting to add more Japanese dramas with English translations.

        • I have seen that. I was so disappointed when jdramas disappeared from Viki a few years ago, so I have happy they are finally getting them back 😀 and now that DramaFever is doing another jdrama, here’s looking up that we can soon start finding more.

          • There seems to be a lot of good programming in Japanese television and I hope we’ll see more on Viki and DramaFever too. I read somewhere that it’s more difficult to get licensing to show Japanese television, but don’t know if that’s true or not. I started watching “Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Colors” with Matsumoto Jun and so far it’s quite good. Have a nice weekend NeeNee.

            • No, it’s quite true that its hard to get licensing for jdramas. I really wish that wasn’t the case, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Viki, DramaFever & even Crunchyroll will get more.

  • Dear Nee2
    I came across your blog recently. I enjoy your recap so much (Smile Again DongHae, SADH). I haven’t finished reading your recap. I am at Ep 40+ but I feel that I must send my regards, best wishes and thanks to you. Because of you that make my following SADH so enjoyable and interesting. Some plots are quite incredible but these are some of the flaws in Kdramas.
    As what you wrote, maybe the pull factor is Ji Chang Wook that makes me follows the drama so closely. Actually I am quite new to kdramas. I can count on my fingers how many kdramas, I have watched completely. I nvr like long kdramas but SADH is exceptional. I cried when JCW cried and I laughed and smiled when he did that. I think I am falling head over heal in love with him but only in Kdrama land.
    I am more of a Hollywood addict but I started watching Kdramas only 2 yrs ago. I find that Koreans speak a lot through their body languages and their eye contacts. That is why I like your recaps very much because you added in a lot of your humor and your thoughts. Thanks once again and I will share some replies on some of your episodes and we can discuss more. 🙂

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of K-Drama!

  • Greetings!!

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! *throws confetti*
    Please see the link for details!


  • I like the blue theme! By the way let me know if you want me to make any more headers for you hehehehe.

  • hi! i really wanna know what drama the banner is from! I’d totally watch it! ^^,

  • I re-read your Drama Challenge sets all at one go today and it dawned on me that for all the common romcom dramas we’ve both watched, you and I have pretty similar tastes, loving especially the less popularly loved ones. I love Skip Beat! and To Get Her; Oh! My Lady and Personal Preference. (My J Drama list is not that long, I don’t watch Thai dramas and hate the dubbing in C Dramas).
    If you have the time and the inclination (although I know you aren’t keen on sageuks), may I suggest Tamna, the Island (2009), Director’s Cut 21 episodes. Grit your teeth and bear with the first two episodes, and dare I say it, you will be well rewarded with a lovely, sweet story along the lines of To Get Her but with a less bratty male lead. Protagonist is my absolute favourite male lead of ALL time, across ALL JKT and HKG dramas I’ve watched!

    • Yay for liking Skip Beat!, ToGetHer, and the very first kdramas I finished recapping. I tend to finish more jdramas than kdramas for some reason, but I think I start more kdramas than jdramas. Thai dramas and Cdramas still don’t get too much time from me. I also am not a fan of the popular dubbing in C dramas.
      I actually have started Tamna. I watched a bit of the first episode and then stopped. And then somehow managed to restart it again. I need to finish it, but I think I definitely will now at your recommendation, even though I know I won’t get quite the ending I want between our Frenchman and diver.

      • I watched a lot more J Dramas in my early days but went through a dry spell before recently returning to them. I tend to go for lighter dramas, avoiding the ‘heavy’ stuff as you can tell from my favourites…
        Yay! I’m glad you’re watching Tamna again. I’m tempted to challenge you to remain impartial to Kyu by the end of the drama. In fact, methinks I will 🙂 Let me know what you think by then yes?

  • Hai NeeNee, I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award 2014! 🙂

  • NeeNee, I have nominated you for Liebster Award. Congratulations! http://wp.me/p3xBcq-1uU

  • I am not familiar with blogs, as of yet. At least I don’t recall any sites that I’ve visited being blogs.

    I want to sincerely thank you for the effort and work that you put into this.


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