So all of the music posts have been whittled down into one page now. These are for special music posts, artist/group profiles, and Chani-chan’s few lyric translations.

Album of the Month

Artist Profiles

These are the few artist profiles (not kept very updated as they should be) that have been done.

Chani’s Lyric Corner

Hi there! Here is Chani-chan’s lyric translation corner! These lyric translations are sometimes requested by NeeNee and sometimes decided upon by Chani-chan herself. This is a new feature to and one we hope to see grow and continue.

The Forgotten

This is a weekly series mostly about music. Whether it’s forgetting a song, an album, or a group in particular, this is about rediscovering things that have been forgotten (by NeeNee and no one else) and probably should not have been. This might eventually branch into other aspects of Asian entertainment, but might stick to strictly music.

New Discoveries

Music Recommendations

Romanized Lyrics

Song of the Week

  • 02/17/14 – Adison Lo “Rainbow Bridge” | BTS “Boy in Luv”
  • 02/24/14 – C-CLOWN “Justice” | SPEED “Wae Nan Gguk”
  • 03/03/14 – CNBlue “Can’t Stop” | The Breeze “Try to Remember You”
  • 03/10/14 – ONE OK ROCK “Clock Strikes”
  • 03/17/14 – Yuzu “Hida Mari”
  • 03/24/14 – Alan Kuo “Wake Up”
  • 03/31/14 – Nell “Four Times Around the Sun”
  • 04/07/14 – Standing Egg “Heartbreaking Words” + “Runner’s High”
  • 04/14/14 – lips-bite “Dying in Action”
  • 04/21/14 – Matsushita Yuya “Kanatae”
  • 04/28/14 – Alice Nine “Shadowplay” | Bii “Find the Way”
  • 05/05/14 – BTS 하루만
  • 05/12/14 – Standing Egg “Blue Sky” + 빛이 속삭여
  • 05/19/14 – Gil Seong Hun “You Left Me Frozen in Time” | Yoga Lin “Speaking in Tongues” | Mr.Mr “Big Man”
  • 05/26/14 – Fly to the Sky 너를 너를 너를
  • 06/02/14 – Nui Nantakarn “Holding On”
  • 06/09/14 – NOA “Sandglass”
  • 06/16/14 – Jung Joon Young + Younha “Just the Way You Are”
  • 06/23/14 – D=OUT 「有終の美」
  • 06/30/14 – Jung Joon Young “Teenager”

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