Asian Dramas with English Subtitles on Amazon Prime

These series are included at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime subscription. Please note that I am not including series available in Apps or Channels, i.e. DramaFever, etc. I am also not including movies, etc., that are not included for free with a Prime subscription. Not all of these dramas are necessarily completely streaming. I will update them every so often to indicate if they’ve been completed or not.

Also, please note that I live in the US, so these are the Asian dramas available in Amazon Prime in the US. Also good to know is that not all dramas and episodes are available on all devices due to streaming restrictions.

Last Updated: October 28, 2018

Chinese Drama

Best Arrangement [Zui Hao de Anpai, 2017]
Starring: Ying Er, David Wang, Fu Xin Bo
Zhao Zi Hui is a driven career woman dating her boss. When tragedy strikes and her grandmother is hospitalized, her boss’s ex-wife comes back into the picture to win him back. Zi Hui meets Xu Tian at this time and he encourages her to open a restaurant with him.
**3/40 episodes**

Bygone Love [Yuan Yang Pei, 2013]
Love and hate between two generations of two prominent families collide in this drama starring Steven Ma, Haung Shao Qi, and Zhang Meng.
**Only 3 episodes currently available.**

Desperate Love [Qing Cheing Jue Lian, 2012]
Mei Li is a Mongolian princess who travels to Beijing with her father and earns the favor of the Grand Empress Dowager as well as falling in love with a Qing prince at first sight. When her father is assassinated, the dowager empress bestows on her a title and people do their best to get rid of this nuisance.

Empresses in the Palace Director’s Cut [Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan, 2011-12]
An epic tale of love, betrayal, and scandal told form the inside of the imperial harem during the Qing Dynasty. Don’t forget the director’s cut condenses a like 70+ episode drama into only six.

Based on the life of author and actress, Xin Wang, the drama follows a model who was once under the spotlight, but is now buried under a mountain of problems.
Season 1 | Season 2

Forget Who I Am [Chuán lái chuán wǎng, 2011
Ci Hui breaks up with the man she loves to marry her adoptive father’s son to express her gratitude. Is this decision the right one or is it only the beginning of a tragedy?
**Only 3 episodes currently available.**

Gold War [2016]
Starring: Xu Hong Hao, Liu Xiao Jie, Qi Fang
Set in 1930s China, Yun Fei Yue carries out the dangerous mission of gold smuggling with his brother Yun Fei Chuan and secret agents.
**only 3 episodes currently available**

Hearts of the Citizens [Tian Di Min Xin, 2010]
Starring: Cheng Tai Shen, Song Jia, Mou Feng Bin, Lu Yong, Yang Ming Na
The drama follows the life of the legendary Qi Jun Zao, a scholar from the Qing dynasty who severed 4 emperors, 3 of whome where his pupils.
**3/40 episodes**

Hero Dogs [Shén Quǎn Xiǎo Qī, 2017]
Since this is 42 episodes, I am going with this being the second season in which lifeguard Bao Yu partners up with Meng Mei and her Hero dog Xiao Qi to help small dogs.

Hot Girl [2016]
Dilraba Dilmurat stars as a rebellious girl who enrolls in a bodyguard school helmed by Ma Ke. The grueling program helps transform her into a legendary bodyguard.
Season 1 | Season 2

Inference Notes [Tui Li Bi Ji, 2017]
An idol with a hidden personality joins forces with a genius young detective to solve mysterious crimes around their school while fighting against a secret organization known as Poker.

Ip Man [Ye Wen, 2013]
Kevin Cheng stars as the storied martial artist Ip Man in this first-ever television drama chronicling the master’s life and struggles in 1900s China.

Legend of the Fist: Chen Zhen [Jingwu Chen Zhen, 2008]
After tragedy strikes the Huo family, its last descendant Juo Dong Jue and Chen Zhen head to Beiping to hid in the Fang family, but the Japanese invasion soon brings conflict to them once more.

The Legend of Scent [2013] 3 episodes
Starring: Cao Ying, Liu Yun, Yan Dan Chen, Xu Shao Qiang
Agarwood is used in incense and perfume and is quite costly. Three families strive to protect this plant and have endless conflicts.

Love in Han Yuan [Xiao Lou You Dongfeng, 2018]
Starring: Kevin Yan, Song Yi, Zhu Peer
Lu’s father is killed by a traitor working for the Japanese and she vows to avenge his death. She develops complicated relationships with a spy for the Chinese army and a tyrant who betrays his country.
**4/46 episodes**

Love Mr. Right [Love, Just Come/Ai Lai De Gang Hao 2017]
An orphan with a superior sense of smell joins forces with a grandmother diagnosed with dementia to help her dream of producing her son’s perfume come true. Birth secrets, betrayals, and true love abound.

Love Tribulations [Suǒ qīngqiū/Tiāndì bùróng/Four Women Conflict, 2009]
Starring: Feng Shao Feng, Ady An, Annie Yi, Mickey He, Li Fei Er, Qiao Zhen Yu
Du Lan Yan’s leads a tragic life at the mercy of her vicious stepmother. Fate reunites her with an old friend and a new love, but can she escape her horrible life?
**3/35 episodes**

Men with Sword [Cike liezhuan/Assassin, 2016]
When the emperor of Juntian is murdered by an assassin who had become his good friend, chaos ensues between the five states as they all vie for the ultimate power.
Season 1 | Season 2
**Season 1 only has 3 episodes currently while Season 2 appears to be complete.**

My Battalion [Wǒ de tè yī yíng, 2014]
The story follows the heroics of the Chinese army as they resisted the Japanese invaders during WWII.
Season 1 | Season 2

My Sister-in-Law [2015]
Starring: Yu Zhen, Li Cheng, Du Yu Ming
Chinese women courageously protect their families while the men are away fighting during the second Sino-Japanese war.
**3 episodes available.**

Nothing Gold Can Stay [Na Nian Hua Kai Yue Zheng Yuan, 2017]
Zhou Ying is sold to a powerful family, but she runs away and is taken in by the Wu family due to her business acumen. She marries into the family and struggles to continue the business after her husband’s death. Her former master has reformed his ways and tries to win her heart. While Zhou Ying finally falls for Shen Xing Yi, they are faced with political upheaval.

Peony Pavilion [Mu Dan Ting, 2010]
The drama takes place during the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty where internal and external instability are rampant except within the Nan An state ruled by Du Bao.

The Queen and the Eunuch: The Pleiades [Cang Qiong Zhi Mao/Sokyu no Subaru, 2010]
An impoverished country youth performs self-castration for reward money to cure his mother. He travels with his friend and little sister to The Forbidden City where he enters the palace as a eunuch and becomes greatly favored by Empress Dowager Ci Xi.

Rakshasa Street [Zhen Hun Jie, 2017]
A recent college graduate finds herself being interviewed for a job in the spirit world.
**20/24 Episodes**

Red Dust [Gungun Hongchen, 2013]
Set during the republic era of the second Sino-Japanese war, Kevin Cheng plays an underground communist party member who falls for prostitute Qin Lan who agrees to smuggle arms for him. National crises, love and friendship, and the economy all come together.
**only 3 episodes available currently**

She is Beautiful [She is Pretty/Ta Hen Piaoliang, 2018]
Starring: Zhang Xin Yi, Guo Jing Fei, Yu Zhi Hui, Chen Zhe Yuan, David Liang, Zhu Yong Teng
Zhang Xiao Na is an accomplished and domineering corporate executive who knows nothing about love. Her younger computer genius brother enrolls her in a matchmaking agency. Can she finally find love?
**1/40 episodes**

Siege in Fog [Rensheng Ruo Ruchu Xiang Jian, 2018]
Starring: Elvis Han, Sun Yi, Jeremy Jones Xu, Ma Jing Han, Zhou Ting Wei, Rossi Zheng
Yi Lian Kai is the third master of a powerful family who falls in love at first sight with Qin Sang, the daughter of a high-ranking official who is in love with someone else. He stops at nothing to marry her and the two spend their lives together not truly understanding one another. Can they come to terms before its too late?
**5/50 episodes**

The Spy War [2016]
Starring: Yu Zhen, Dai Jiao Qin, Ren Dong Lin
Set in the tumultuous 1930s during the peak of the war between China and Japan, some people will stop at nothing to protect those they love.
**only 3 episodes currently available**

The Stand-In [Shiyue Weicheng/October Siege/Bodyguards and Assassins, 2014]
Starring: Wallace Chung, Liu Xiao Xiao, Wu Gang, Ng Man-Tat, Zhang Xiaolong
A poor rickshaw driver becomes the stand-in of the song of a wealthy businessman tasked with completing a mission to protect Sun Yat-Sen.
**5/60 episodes**

Star April [April Star/Fan Xing Si Yue, 2017]
Popular television anchor Ye Fan Xing does her best to be a dutiful daughter after the death of her younger sister and struggles to keep her relationship with successful businessman Xian Han a secret.

Story of Furong [Fu Rong Jue, 2015]
Starring: Joanna Zheng, Zheng Xi, Xu Hai Qiao
A dastardly eunuch’s evil deeds are discovered by the prime minister’s daughter who tries to commit suicide only to be saved by a masked hero who the eunuch is also trying kill.
[**3/38 episodes**]

Tears of Happiness [Xing Fu De Yan Lei, 2008]
A tour guide gets into an accident and learns she has a degenerative disease that will ultimately claim her life. Her boyfriend dumps her, but fate reunites her with one of her previous customers and they fall in love.

Tears of Love [Tear’s in a Woman’s Flower/Lei Sa Nuren Hua, 2013]
Yang Su Yun is a typical girl from a low-income family who meets and falls in love with Tang Shu Han, the wealthy second master of the Tang family. After a brief affair, Tang returns home and Yang finds out she is pregnant and decides to raise the child alone.
**3/38 episodes**

Think Before Marry [Think Before You Marry/Xiang Ming Bai Le Zai Jie Hun, 2015]
Two strangers become roommates after being betrayed by their partners. When their parents find out, they are forced to marry. They do so without any hesitation only to find out marriage is not as easy as it would seem.

We Fall in Love [Let’s Fall in Love/Zan Meng Xiang Ai Ba, 2016]
Starring: Ming Dao, Justin Yuan, Qin Lan, Zhang Xin Yi, Zhang Jing Chu, Wang Qian He
The drama follows the complicated work, family, and love lives of three best friends.
**3/58 episodes**

Filipino Dramas

Juan Happy Love Story [2016]
Starring: Dennis Trillo, Heart Evangelista
Juan dela Costa rescues Happy from a thief, leading to a romance which both their families oppose. The couple learn they cannot have their own children and decide to adopt instead.

Japanese Variety/Reality/Documentary

Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental
10 comedians are pitted against each other. Each must bring a million yen participation fee. The comedian that can stay the longest in a closed room without laughing is the winner.

Invisible TOKYO
With the increase of social networking, what are the impacts? This documentary explores entertainment and the ever-connected world of social media.

Shiori Tatetsu’s Bread Baking Class
Interested in baking? Check out these short episodes which help you learn to make things like petit break, bacon and shrimp bread, tea bread, and more.

Uchimura Summers Second
From Amazon: “Uchimura Teruyoshi and Summers feature guest as MCs to present a haphazard and improvised ‘clamorous, happy-go-lucky variety show.’”

Japanese Drama

All About My Siblings [Wakamono Tachi, 2014]
Tsumabuki Satoshi, Eita, Mitsushima Hikari, Emoto Tasuku, and Nomura Shuhei star as siblings in  this drama which follows the lives, relationships, and issues five siblings face as they live together.

Amazon Riders [Kamen Rider Amazons, 2016]
This is a stand alone series in the popular Kamen Riders franchise that is definitely not meant for children. The Amazon Project aimed to grow artificial lifeforms into humanoids. An accident occurs setting four thousand test subjects with a penchant for human flesh free. The Kamen Riders must rush to the rescue.

Businessmen vs. Aliens [Uchu no Shigoto, 2016]
A group of six people are drafted into protecting the earth from imminent alien invasion. They lack team spirit and a sense of responsibility and believe persuasion is the best route towards prevention.

Crazy for Me [Kokoro ga Pokitto ne, 2015]
This drama stars the awesome Fujiki Naohito, Abe Sadao, and Mizuhara Kiko. Abe is a man who quit his job due to stress. His wife leaves him and he is living on the streets until antique furniture store owner Fujiki takes him in. Abe’s days are less stressful, but single-minded woman Mizuhara who loves his boss interrupts his peaceful days.

The Dancing Detective Dekadance [Sennyu Keiji Idol Deka Dance, 2016]
Nakamura Aoi plays a rookie detective who dreams of a life like the hot-blooded crime dramas only to be disappointed when he is assigned to the entertainment division where he ends up undercover as part of an idol group.

Detective vs. Detectives [Tantei no Tantei, 2015]
A woman chooses a career as a private detective to get to the bottom of what happened when her younger sister was killed.

Doctors’ Affairs [Ishitachi no Renai Jijou, 2015]
Saito Takumi stars as a surgeon who balks hospital convention by focusing on the welfare of patients and not the bottom line (aka making money). He falls in love with a senior surgeon and awkwardly pursues her.

**Currently Unavailable**
Doctor X Surgeon Michiko Daimon
[Doctor X: Gekai Daimon Michiko]
Doctor X is a female surgeon who works as a freelancer and battles with hospitals, authority, and more to save her patients’ lives. This series has had 5 seasons, a special, and a spinoff (Doctor Y, I believe).
Season 1 (2012) | Season 2 (2013) | Season 3 (2014) | Season 4 (2016) | Season 5 (2017)

Doctor Y Surgeon Hideki Kaji [Doctor Y: Gekai Kaji Hideki]
The spin-off of the popular Doctor X series follows surgeon Kaji Hideki, the “wizard of laparoscopy,” played by Katsumura Masanobu.
Season 2 (2017)

Fukuyado Honpo ~ Kyoto Love Story [The Fukuyadou Family Shop, 2016]
This drama follows three sisters, their romances, love of family, and sacrifices made to project the tradition of their traditional Japanese sweets shop with a 450-year-old heritage.

Galileo [Season 1, 2007]
An awesome jdrama pairing Fukuyama Masaharu (as brilliant physicist nicknamed Galileo) with Shibasaki Kou (a rookie detective). The two join forces and use Galileo’s brilliance to solve crimes no one else can.

The Girl’s Speech [Gakko no Kaidan, 2015]
Haruna Tsubame is a girl flying under the radar in her school until one day she is forced to become student president. She is approached by Shizukui Kei who uses her to speak against the corruption in the school.

Happy Marriage [Hapimari, 2016]
Fujioka Dean stars as a wealthy businessman who hires an office lady who works nights at a club due to debt (Seino Nana) to marry him.

Heat [2015]
A real estate company is working on an urban development project worth billions. A worker chooses to go undercover as a volunteer firefighter to try to learn who owns the land so that they can buy it and go through with the project, but he soon bonds with his fellow volunteers and tries to move the project elsewhere.

**Currently Unavailable**
The Hours of My Life [Boku no Ita Jikan, 2014]
Miura Haruma stars as a fourth year university student desperately seeking a job. He finally gets work at a furniture store and a girlfriend, only to be diagnosed with ALS which will ultimately kill him. He struggles to overcome adversity and explore what is left of his life.

I am Reiko Shiratori! [Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!, 2016]
When a young man saves Shiratori Reiko from being bullied, she only has eyes for him. Oddly, though, she rejects him in high school and follows him to college where her pride gets in the way of her feelings. Can they finally have a successful relationship?

Lady Girls [Otona Joshi, 2015]
Shinohara Ryoko stars as a woman with a successful career, but disastrous love life. Put in charge of developing a romance game, she approaches a successful romance writer and the two do not hit it off at all. Can Shinohara mature and find love?

Love Relationship [Koinaka, 2015]
When an indecisive man is reunited with his first love who disappeared the summer of their third year of high school, can he finally get the courage to pursue her or will her relationship with another man and the reason behind her disappearance keep them apart?

Massage Detective Joe [Massage Tantei Joe, 2017]
Joe is a masseuse who is also an introvert. His boss forces him to do house calls where he always winds up getting involved in murder cases that he helps solve through…massage?

My Little Nightmare [Akumu-chan, 2012]
A Gackt drama. Yep. Kitagawa Keiko is a teacher with a false smile who is able to influence her own dreams (she has lucid ones). A child transfers to her class who has nightmares that come true. Originally unwilling to help, Kitagawa ends up coming to the aid of her student.

Painless: The Eyes for Signs [Mutsu ~ Mieru Me, 2015]
Nishijima Hidetoshi stars as a doctor who leaves behind hospitals to open his own little clinic. He is gifted with special sight that allows him to see the underlying cause of his patients’ illnesses as well as when someone is about to commit a crime. This has Ito Atsushi (a detective) coming to him for help.

Rainbow Rose [Koisuru maison ~Rainbow Rose~, 2012]
Kang Ji Young’s father runs off with another woman, so her family opens up their house to borders from around the world to make ends meet. Friendships and romance bloom.

Ramen Loving Girl [Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles, 2015]
A live action adaptation of a manga series by Naru Narumi, this series follows Koizumi as she hunts for delicious ramen restaurants.

Rebound [2011]
Aibu Saki stars as a woman rebounding from svelte to chubby along with her broken heart. She comes to help out a baker with bad eyesight and packs back all the weight she lost when she was rejected. Can she figure out true happiness and love while she struggles with weight and her love of desserts?

Silver and Gold [Gin to Kin, 2017]
Based on a manga of the same name, Silver and Cold follows Morita Tetsuo as he goes from illegal gambling to the seedy underworld of illegal brokerage to overcome Hirai Ginji whom he admires for his bad side and ability to obtain wealth.

Sunshine Sento-Sake [Hiru no Sento Zake, 2016]
Utsumi Takayuki is a 42-year-old salesman who is constantly on the bottom of the sales pyramid who takes joys in ditching his work to go to bath houses followed by bars.

A Taste of Honey [Mitsu no Aji, 2011]
Eikura Nana stars as a young woman whose obsessive first love sends the man, his wife/girlfriend, and the man who crushes on her lives into a tailspin.

Teddy Go! [2015]
Yamase Kazuko is an unemployed and heartbroken young woman who decides to buy an adorable knit bear on impulse…but what happens when it talks to her?

Tokyo Girl [Tokyo Joshi Zukan, 2016]
Mizukawa Asami stars in this drama that follows the life of a woman living in Tokyo. This drama is based on a column “Tokyo Women’s Campaign” which was serialized in 2015 by magazine Tokyo Calendar.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel [2017]
On her 22nd birthday, Manami (Tomite Ami) is suddenly embroiled in a struggle between two vampire clans, the Dracula and Neo Vampire. She ends up at a hotel where a huge matchmaking event is taking place. A man suddenly declares it is the eve of the apocalypse and only those in the hotel will survive.

Vampire Heaven [2013]
Oomasa Aya and Honda Tsubasa star as two vampires on the run from their world since an evil baron wants Oomasa for his bride. Unfortunately, the two girls fall for the same mortal. What shall become of them? Full recaps here.

Who Killed Daigoro Tokuyama? [Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshitaka?, 2016]
One morning students find the body of their homeroom teacher inside the classroom and hide the body. What is behind this mystery? Who is the murderer?

Yae’s Sakura [Yae no Sakura, 2013]

Korean Reality/Variety

The Hybrid (Plan Man x Suitcase Man) [2018]
Eun Ji Won and Tony An travel together with celebrity guests.

Olala School [2013]
A show where new celebrities show up to school.

Plan Man New Beginning [3 seasons]
In this new Plan Man series, Eun Ji Won becomes the plan man for his guests.

The Suitcase Man [2017]
Tony An guides celebrity guests on trips. Find out what he packs in his suitcase to try to make the trip fun for everyone.

Swaggers Made in USA [2015]
Four former contestants of Show Me the Money compete against each other for a chance to work with famous hip hop produces in the US to release an album.

Korean Drama

88th Street [88 Beonji, 2016]
Starring: Choi Jong Hun, Oh Seung Ah, Yoon Ye Hee, Kim Jae Hyun, Han Ji Sun
This web drama portrays the lives of people with various traumas and how they are helped to get over them by a man with his own trauma.

10,000 Ways to Become a Couple [2018]
Starring: Kim Eun Joo, Seo Hyun Jae, Park Han Sol
A web drama portraying the relatable ups and downs of a relationship.

The Blue Sea [Deo beullu Ssi, 2017]
Starring: Jung Ye In, Jung Tae Ri, Jo Ki Sung
An action-packed drama involving a mysterious man with amnesia, a female soldier in the navy, and a navy lieutenant.

Chuno [The Slave Hunters, 2010]
Slaves desire freedom, but must face being chased down by relentless slave hunters. A former nobleman who is now a lowly hunter is offered a considerable sum of money to bring in a runaway slave who happens to be in the company of the hunter’s first love.

Comic Bookcafe and 647 Bang [2017]
Starring: Jung Ji An, Son Won Ik
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Crow Building [2017]
Starring: Sung Sun Nyeo, Kim Tae Bum, Im Tae Hyung, Chae Song Hwa, Kim Kyung Hwan, Do Roo Mook, Oh Seul Gi, Huh Jung Hee, Oh Seung Woo
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Employment War [Choiyeobjeonjaeng, 2014]
This is a comedic web series depicting the lives of five young men and women as they struggle to find a job in Noryangjin-dong, Seoul.

Everyday Radio [2018]
Starring: Yeo Eun Chae, Daniel Ga
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

For You Who Started New Love [2018]
Starring: Lim Seung Dae, Jin Hyuk, Joen Hye Yeon, Kim Ha Jung, Kim Yu Han, Suna
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Hey Ana! Let’s Eat! [2017]
Starring: Nam Gyu Ri, Im Seul Ong
The love story of a good-looking home shopping host and a recluse whose only joy is home shopping.

THE IDOLM@STER.KR [The Idolmaster KR, 2017]
This drama is based on Bandai Namco Entertainment’s The Idolmaster videogame series. 11 girls train hard and compete to become idols.

Immortal Goddess [Bulmyeolui Yeosin, 2016]
This drama follows the premise of what would happen if a vampire could age and die? Yuri is a vampire with a disease that makes her age. She comes into contact with a debt-ridden film director and develops sympathy for him which eventually turns to love. When a woman with a hidden agenda arrives, can their romance (and Yuri herself) survive?

Infinite Power [Muhandongryeok, 2013]
2AM’s Im Seulong stars as an unemployed man whose goal is to be employed by a large company. He meets a man who has created an engine which generates infinite power that helps him realize his dreams. Of course, he must have a love interest in the form of a girl staying at his boarding house.

Irish Uppercut [Airishi Eopeokut, 2017]
Starring: Kim Ji Suk, Yoon Bora, Lee Moo Saeng, Jang So Yeon, Kim Mi Kyung
When a frustrated sous chef accidentally kills himself he becomes stuck in purgatory with an equally unsuccessful grim reaper who asks him to help her at a pub where he finally makes his dream to become a chef come true.

A Job Seeker from North Korea [2016]
Starring: Choi Doo Won, Kim Na Yeon
This web drama portrays a fictional North Korean spy who poses as an unemployed job seeker to infiltrate a major corporation in South Korea.

Justice Team [Jeoseutiseu Tim, 2016]
Starring: Shin So Yool, Han Sang Jin, Sung Ji Ru, Lee Dong Hoon, Lee Hyun Kyung, Jo Hyun Young
Courageous prosecutors uncover truth and fight for the weak who were silenced by injustice.

Lies of Spring [2017]
Starring: KI-ZO, Seon Hyo Ju, Mingyu
Ji Hye is a girl who loves to boast about her lovey-dovey relationship…but it is all a big lie! Jung Soo is the only person aware of her secret. Can Ji Hye’s fake love turn into a real one?

Longing for Spring [Drawing, Spring/Geurida, Bom, 2014]
Starring: Song Ji Eun, Lee Won Geun, Yoo Se Hyung
Mal Ja is a part-timer for the Korean Racing Authority who loves all animals except for horses after experiencing a traumatic incident. Mal Ja finds herself caught in a love triangle between her friend and a celebrity jockey. Can she overcome both her fear of love and horses?

Lost Book [2018]
Starring: Kim Jung Woo, Yeom Dong Chun
Choi Jin Sung is a third rate adult novelist whose only valuable possession is his laptop. He comes home one day to see a teen absconding with it and thus begins the longest chase.

Love Empathy [2018]
Starring: Oh Yoo Jin, Kang Min Woo
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Love in Memory [Leobeu In Memori, 2013]
Starring: Jung Gyu Woon, Jo Yoon Hee, Choi Won Young
A couple with a shared painful past reunite. Can they rekindle the spark from the past?

Love is Actually with You [2017]
Starring: Kang Kwon Seok, Kim Ga Young
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Love, Lost in Memory [Love in Memory/Sarang, Gieoke Meomulda, 2018]
Brain hacker Loe partners with aspiring actress Ha Ri and NSCI agent Min Young to protect a precious technology and solve a murder case.

Love Security [2017]
Starring: Yoo Jeong, Lee Jae Wook, Park Sun Woo
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Matching! Boy Archery [Maeching! Sonyeon Yanggungbu, 2016]
Starring: Baek Chul Min, Seo Ji Hoon, Kei, Kim Chang Hwan, Jo Jae Yun, Cha Ji Hoon
A girl who dreams of being a webtoon artist becomes the manager of the boy’s archery team for inspiration.

Momo Salon [2014]
Lizzy from Orange Caramel stars as an up-and-coming hair stylist who opens her own salon only to have it become the mail-holding hub for busy neighbors.

My Romantic Some Recipe [Mai Romaentik Sseom Resipi, 2016]
Starring: Cha Eun Woo, Joo Da Young, Ahn Ji Hoon, Lee Soo Bin
A college student who works at a little shop has a one-sided love towards a customer. Her life is changed when she meets an idol.

No Back Romance [2017]
Starring: Jo Ji Young, An Eun Ah
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Ordinary Life of Ms. O [Oh Gu Sil, 2017]
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

Paparazzi Girlfriend [Nae Yeochin-eun Paparachi, 2016?]
Se Na has dreams of becoming a war correspondent, but is stuck chasing celebrities for gossip. This earns her the disapproval of her boyfriend and she becomes even more conflicted when her boss asks her to not just chase, but spy on celebrities.

Ryuhan Villa 402 [2016]
Starring: Jang Min Young, Kim Na Yeon
**Can also watch on OnDemandKorea**

She Was Pretty [Geunyeoneun Yeppeoda, 2015]
Starring: Hwang Jung Eum, Koh Joon Hee, Park Seo Joon, Choi Si Won
Two friends have a chance to reunite, but the girl is horrified to learn her chubby childhood buddy is now a handsome man while she is no longer the beauty she was in youth.

Teleport Love [Tellepoteu Yeonin, 2014]
Starring: Lee Tae Ri [formerl known as Lee Min Ho], Bae Noo Ri
Dong Hyuk has the power of teleportation. To save his girlfriend, he teleports her to a hospital only to have her forget about him once she wakes up. He must now make her fall for him all over again.

Thunder Store [Thunderstruck Stationery/Byeorakmateun Munbangu]
When an old-fashioned stationery store is struck by lightening, a group of six outcast children from Thunder Elementary School become superhero detectives.
Season 1 (2013) | Season 2 (2014)

Tomorrow Boy [Tumorouu Boi, 2016]
Starring: N, Kang Min Ah, Yoo Se Hyung, Moon Ji In, Yoo Hee Seok, Jun In Taek
Vixx’s N stars as Ahn Tae Pyeong a man who becomes the head of his family after his parents’ deaths. He must take care of his grandmother and four younger siblings.

Malaysian Drama

All Men Are Brothers [Shui Hu Zhuan/The Water Margin, 2011]
Starring: Ray Lui, Zhang Han Yu, Wang Jian Xin, Calvin Li, Jing Gang Shan, Bao Li Gao
This Chinese-language drama is adapted from Shi Nai’an’s Water Margin, one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature.
Season 1 [18 episodes]| Season 3 [6 episodes]

Taiwanese Drama

GTO in Taiwan [GTO Taian Pian, 2014]
Starring: Low Wes, Genie Chuo, Akira, Wayne Huang, Yamamoto Yusuke, Shirota Yu
Onizuka is invited to Taiwan to a one week teaching assistant program at a Taiwanese high school

Running Man [Tao Hun Yi Bai Ci, 2017]
Xu Da Cai is becomes a father-to-be after a one-night-stand. Not wanting to take responsiblity, he decides to run away before his wedding. He is granted a pair of magical dice that allow him to travel to parallel dimensions, but he always ends up caught. Is there any escape from this unwanted destiny?

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