Total Randomness #2

I’m back with Total Randomness!

There are 4 fun trivia facts today of random information and references popping up in some Asian Dramas and movies.

First: Pi Li MIT: In the final episodes of this series, Teacher Cherry complains about the relationship of her father and Teacher Angel being more complicated than a plot in a Korean drama (it was really bad, not unlike some overly complicated Korean melodrama)

Second: A Man Called God: When getting information about Jang Mi, Michael’s lackey says that what she does best is spend daddy’s money and make scandals with some guy name TOP (heehee, Big Bang reference). This is funny as TOP just starred in IRIS an espionage thriller.

Third: A Man Called God: Kim Min Jong plays a wealthy CIS agent in this drama, in an older drama (circa 2000) he played a small time crook who was really the son of a wealthy family. A small, trivial connection. Ok, not a connection. Like, I said, I love being random.

Alice NineFourth: Aquarian Age: The Movie: Visual Kei band Alice Nine appears in the club scene when Tsukasa is being hunted by a Darklore. Truthfully, I found their performance one of the best parts of the movie. Mainly because I love Alice Nine. Ah, and you might not know it, but Alice Nine wrote and performed the theme song for the movie. Again, one of the best parts about the movie. I want to say it was written by Saga…

And there ends Total Randomness for today.

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