Total Randomness #8

Back again! It’s been awhile since I had any random connections. Well, I did have one, but couldn’t quite seem to recall it, but I know it involved food and one person eating a huge fancy dinner and the other just eating instant noodles, but oh well. This time, the totally random moment hails from a Taiwanese drama and a Korean drama.

What does 2002 Korean drama Glass Slippers have in common with 2009 Taiwanese drama Autumn’s Concerto?

Autumns Concerto posterIn Autumn’s Concerto Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An) lives with her stepmother and her new husband. The husband begins developing feelings (or rather an attraction/obsession for) Mu Cheng and tries to force himself on her. Mu Cheng is saved in the nick of time by Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu). Her stepmother kicks her out of the home, not wanting to believe that her husband is in the wrong. Ren later comes to Mu Cheng’s aid and saves her from persecution for being a temptress.

Mu Cheng does not blame her stepmother and hopes to reconcile. Later, her stepmother realizes the whole truth and does her best to try to make it up to her daughter.

Glass Slipper posterIn Glass Slipper, Lee Sun Woo (Kim Hyun Ju) is a young woman suffering from amnesia. She is being raised by the foster parents who ran her down in their truck. Although she is never treated kindly by the pair or their daughter, they are the only family she knows. Her foster father becomes attracted to her as well and develops a plan (like Mu Cheng’s) of getting his wife out of the house in order to seduce her. He nearly succeeds in his plan, but is caught by his wife and her daughter. Sun Woo is later saved by love interest Park Chul Woong (So Ji Sub) who gets revenge on her foster father for Sun Woo.

After Sun Woo is kicked out of the restaurant and taken in by Chu Woong’s family, her foster mother packs up her stuff and you can tell she understands that it isn’t really Sun Woo’s fault and she feels sorry for abandoning the girl at long last.

Funny how these dramas have these totally random moments where they are quite alike.

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