Total Randomness #10

Yes, I know, I should be posting recaps. Forgive me. I hope to have some new ones up later this week. I had ample opportunity to do some catching up this past weekend, but slacked off by finishing The Greatest Love and I am almost down with Heartstrings now. 😛 But I promise more shall come. Now that I am in the recapping mood, however, work [both my job and work around the house] are keeping me quite busy.

Anywho, on to total randomness. What can it be this time?

So, in Korean drama You’re Beautiful did you ever notice that Mi Nam, Jeremy, and Shin Woo all participated in dance practice? Did you also notice that you never actually see the band A.N.JELL dance…unless you count the club/bar scenes? And further more, is there a reason why Tae Kyung was never shown at dance practice when the other three members were all participating?

Does this seem pointless? Probably. But I’ve been wondering ever since watching the Japanese version in which we have Yuki, Miko, and Shu all showing up for dance practice while Ren is never there. And, again, you never see them dance on stage as they are busy playing their instruments.

Do I have a point? Not really. Just to ask did you notice and then to wonder why, in god’s name, are people in an actual band [idol or otherwise] taking dance training when they NEVER dance professionally [that we are ever shown]? Instrumental and vocal practice makes sense, but dance training…for a BAND…in the truest sense of the word [we use band for boy/girl groups when they AREN’T a band as the term generally applies to groups in which the artists play their own instruments] seems a tad superfluous.

Ok. Randomness over.


  • I never even thought about that! Why the hell were they dancing? And why did the Japanese version not wonder that when they were changing it to suit them? I think in You’re Beautiful, one of Go Mi Nam’s fake balls fell out in a dancing scene. But in Ikemen Desu Ne, that happened at the concert for the kids that they did. I can’t remember if it happened in a dance scene as well. I think they had it in You’re Beautiful so we could see Shin Woo protecting Mi Nam though, like when she was tired, and when she was stuck in the bathroom & didn’t know what to do (also in Ikemen). But still, we saw him doing stuff like that elsewhere as well.

    Also, Heartstrings isn’t very good. Started off bad, got better, then got bad again. Very inconsistent. Horribly awkward kiss! And completely disregarded the awesome talent they had in Ki Young. Or Lee Hyun Jin, i should say.

  • I had always wondered this as well but it was actually revealed by Jang Geunsuk in an interview. Unfortunately, I don’t have the link but it was a part of a special interview on a dvd release of the drama in Japan.

    A.N.Jell was initially supposed to be a dance group, as written by the Hong sisters (the original korean scriptwriters). Since most idol groups are dance groups, the Hong sisters originally intended it to be so. If you have seen some of the behind the scenes clips of the korean version, you can even see the dance extras practicing the dance to “Promise” with complete choreography and everything. However, things did not go as planned… apparently Hongki fails at dancing. And so they changed the group to a band instead.

    Despite changing the group into a band, Jang Geunsuk still incorporated some of the original dance choreography into the band performances. During the “I will promise you” part of the chorus, you can probably recall him doing some kind of action with his right hand — that was part of the original dance.

    As for why they kept it in Ikemen desu ne, my guess is that it was a way to show how Mio was so out of place in the beginning in a comical way without getting into the serious band practices. Also for practical reasons — it was probably best to keep it for the part where Ren hugs Mio in front of everyone.

    I’m kinda glad it turned out to be a band instead because I must say that the original choreography for Promise was horrid. The Johnny boys definitely would have been able to hold their ground if A.N.Jell remained a dance group but I just prefer them as a band. Either way I’m glad it turned out the way it did.

    • Ahhh! Thank you so much for revealing the mystery! I always wondered why a band would have dance practice.

      It doesn’t surprise me if Hong Gi really can’t dance as the members of FT Island were always very open about their non-existent dance skills since they are an idol band vs. group.

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