Just for Fun #5 – May Queen Part 1

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? This is one of my random “Just for Fun” series. I was having problems fine-tuning this, but am relatively satisfied with the outcome. I plan on doing this for our main characters in May Queen. I got the idea from watching Vampire Prosecutor when our detective said that life is like a sunset. I think I have San’s and Hae Joo’s figured out as well…and possibly In Hwa’s, but I was definitely certain of what I wanted Chang Hee’s to be as he was fighting the darkness in himself by holding on to the bright Hae Joo. When he lost her…he lost his only chance of living in the light and thus there is only darkness left to him. Thus his life took on a negative aspect of looking at a sunset – once the brilliant colors and light is gone, only darkness and emptiness remains.

Take #1:

Han Ji Hye, Jae HeeUpdated version which I think might end up being the final version for Chang Hee. It’s a triptych. Well…probably not in the strictest sense of the word, but it showcases three panels from the start of their relationship to the end.

Take #2:

Kim Yoo Jung, Park Gun Tae, Jae Hee, Han Ji HyeSunset in the Negative
by NeeNee

Life is like a sunset
blazing brilliant and bright
for the smallest of moments
before turning to the darkest of nights.
All that is left is hopeless despair.
In that moment, a devil is born there.


  • Wow. He looks real pathetic in the middle-pic.
    As if he had toothaches. Hahaha.
    This little text fits our newborn dramadevil.

    Just checked on Viki the stand for the english subs. Only 59% so far for the ep from saturday.

    Rainy cold *grrrrh* greetings from Central Europe to you!!

    • LOL, its from where he first learned about what his father did to Hae Joo.
      I’m currently working on the recap for 23. It will hopefully be done no later than 3 EST. Meaning I’ll probably get around to 24 tomorrow sometime as these always take longer than anticipated.

      • Uh uh. Take your time. Fastpacing doesn’t go with this drama! 😉
        Some kind of a dragging attitude is required.

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