Total Randomness #7

So, totally random movie reference in Prosecutor Princess episode 6. When photos of the overweight Ma Hye Ri surfaced, the vicious crows who don’t like Ma Hye Ri gossip among themselves saying she must have had plastic surgery to look the way she does now. They then reference 200 Pounds Beauty and how the main character had full-body plastic surgery. Oddly enough, Kim So Yeon in her fat suit did resemble the lead character of Hana from 200 Pounds Beauty.

Kim Ah Joong, Kim So Yeon

However, unlike Hana from the movie, Ma Hye Ri didn’t have full-body plastic surgery. She dieted and exercised her way down to her current svelte form. Hana exercised and dieted as well, but the main transformation came from plastic surgery.

Totally unexpected movie reference and it threw in a plotline I didn’t see coming, although we did find out that Hye Ri was a little chubby when she was a child (courtesy of In Woo’s flashback), but who knew such a self-absorbed glamor queen used to be a dowdy, overweight smartypants with no fashion sense? Yeah, totally random

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