Total Randomness #6

What does culinary drama Pasta and espionage drama Call of the Country have in common? More than you think (just not plot wise).

  1. Both are romantic comedies
  2. Both star a member of Clazziqaui – Pasta had Clazziquai member Alex and Call of the Country stars Clazziquai lead singer Horan
  3. Hyun Woo and Choi Jae Hwan – Hyun Woo (member of 24/7) was one of the cooks from Italy that was employed to replace the fired female chefs and Choi Jae Hwan was the new kitchen assistant in Pasta. In Call of the Country, Hyun Woo plays an NIS agent while Choi Jae Hwan plays a young con artist working for the organization the NIS is trying to take down

Pasta, Call of the Country

Loved the curly haired Hyun Woo in Pasta. His character doesn’t seem too different personality wise here while Choi Jae Hwan (who I also liked in the cooking drama) has more confidence and backbone already.

And thus ends Total Randomness for today.

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