Sweet Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

What better way to celebrate 4 years of Asian drama, music, and literature blogging than with faux Asian food? Yes, faux. I’m too lazy to expend the energy it takes to make some Asian dishes. Instead, I like to come up with methods to cheat as much as I can when I’m feeling unambitious. You’ve seen it with the lovely beef teriyaki noodle bowl recipe I posted which was made using frozen teriyaki vegetables and ramen.

So this time, there is only 3 ingredients. Yes, three. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less…unless you want to mix it up. So what are the magic 3 ingredients for this very simple dish?

  • 12 pieces of Tyson any’tizers Sweet Garlic Glazed Boneless Chicken Wingz
  • 1 box Green Giant frozen Antioxidant Blend Vegetables in Olive Oil Seasoning
  • 1 cup rice (well…this would be one cup uncooked rice, which I’m not sure what that translates into cooked)

sweet garlic wingzThat’s it. Seriously. And…what else can I tell you? You can bake the chicken in an oven, throw it in a toaster oven or nuke it in the microwave. I like mine in the oven, but due to a propane shortage, we’re conserving as much as possible, so I popped mine in the toaster oven today. At 350F, you let them cook for about half an hour, or until heated and cooked thoroughly. You should spray some nonstick coating on top of some aluminum foil to make for easy cleanup. Don’t forget to turn these suckers over from time to time to get them evenly cooked.

As for rice. My rice cooker comes with a lovely special rice measuring cup. I use that to measure my one cup of dry rice. To that, I had a cup and a half of water and let the rice cooker work its magic. Won’t lie…I suck at making rice on the stovetop.

frozen veggiesFor the frozen veggies, you follow the microwave steaming instructions. My microwave is a dinky one from my college days, so I always have to go to the maximum time. So I cooked mine for 4 minutes on high. When it was all done, I just dumped the veggies into the fully cooked rice and mixed well. I would have thrown the chicken pieces in, too, but a certain family member can’t eat them, so I left the chicken on the side for people to add as much as they like. It’s enough for two or three people. And it’s yummy if you really like garlic. I do, so I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed that it didn’t take long to make and didn’t require much effort on my part.


  • I must admit that I’m not much of a cook but I think I can do this :). It sounds yumny and I love your “cheat” method.

    • I know, right? It’s super easy! You just have to worry about overcooking the chicken, but other than that, it’s relatively simple, and if you don’t have a rice cooker or suck at making rice in a pot…instant microwave rice is a good solution, too!

      I was watching Happy Together once and a guest said you’d be amazed at his dish. Despite the seasoning and ingredients…it was tasteless. While I am not a horrible cook and can hold my own (I’m the cook for the family now for the most part), seasoning and I don’t get along. I feel like that guy. No matter what I do…some things just end up tasteless and under seasoned.

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