Total Randomness #11

Yes, I actually have a few of these I wish to post, but I decided to start with this one.

So, riddle me this: What does 2006 kdrama Exhibition of Fireworks starring Han Chae Young and Kang Ji Hwan have in common with 2011 kdrama Baby-faced Beauty starring Jang Na Ra and Choi Daniel?

The answer: The basic plot. The main idea is an older woman in her 30s who can pass for someone in their 20s assumes their younger sister’s identity in order to get a job. In Fireworks, Han Chae Young’s character takes on her baby sister’s identity in order to get a job working for her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend. Her goal is revenge and to make him miserable. In Baby-faced Beauty, Jang Na Ra’s character assumes her younger sister’s identity when her little sister flakes out on a job which the family desperately needs. Thus things get entangled and to pursue her dream, she takes over her sister’s identity in order to become a designer.

Besides the bare essentials, the plots are very different, but it’s always interesting to see these random connections. Who knew the plot outline of Baby-faced Beauty had been done before? I didn’t.Exhibition of Fireworks poster

In Fireworks, Na Ra [Han Chae Young] decides to turn in her resignation and stop her lies as she has finally moved on from her first love. Now, this comes at an opportune time as she has just one a company contest which could reveal her real identity. She wants to resign before the news spreads, but her rival in love and her team leader, wants to obliterate her and wants to make sure that she’s there to accept the award. It is Mi Rae [her rival] that presses to have her make-up design be the winning entry.Baby-Faced Beauty Poster

In Baby-faced Beauty, So Young [Jang Na Ra] decides to quit as soon as her design is released in stores. She hates lying to everyone, especially the man she has fallen for. However, like in Fireworks, her team leader conspires against her. Yoon Seo [the team leader] conspires to have So Young named employee of the month to be honored at the company’s anniversary party and then sets about making a video to show So Young’s duplicity.

A main divergence her is that in Fireworks, Na Ra doesn’t come clean on her own publicly. Instead, the VP of the company scolds her and sends her packing before the awards ceremony and Na Ra never gets to explain herself while in Baby-faced Beauty, So Young comes clean before Yoon Seo can publicly humiliate her and show her lies.

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