30 Day Manga Challenge

Again, giving fair room to all of my obsessions. You’re free to join me or not. That’s fine. This is is from: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.297321000322464.79576.113683108686255&type=3

Day 01 – Your very first manga
Day 02 – Your favorite manga
Day 03 – Your favorite mangaka
Day 04 – A character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Day 05 – A manga you would recommend to everyone
Day 06 – Your favorite character
Day 07 – A manga you disliked enough to stop reading
Day 08 – The most annoying character
Day 09 – A manga you’d like to see more of
Day 10 – A manga that makes you fluffy and happy when you read it
Day 11 – Your first manga crush
Day 12 – A manga you used to love but don’t anymore
Day 13 – The most epic scene ever
Day 14 – A manga that makes you cry.
Day 15 – The saddest scene
Day 16 – A manga that isn’t licensed but SHOULD be.
Day 17 – A manga that you feel embarrassed about liking
Day 18 – Favorite BL/yuri couple
Day 19 – A manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on
Day 20 – A manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much
Day 21 – A manga that deserves more recognition
Day 22 – A manga you wish didn’t exist
Day 23 – Best anime villain [NeeNee: Should be best manga villain]
Day 24 – The best long manga series
Day 25 – The last manga you read
Day 26 – The best manga oneshot
Day 27 – A manga you would never buy
Day 28 – A manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature
Day 29 – A manga you read that was just plain weird
Day 30 – Your favorite anime opening/ending theme [NeeNee: from an anime based on a manga]


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