Total Randomness #9

**Revised 5/14/11**

Due to today being a total lethargic, soporific day, I have decided just to do this random post versus and episode recap as I just don’t have the energy to do it quite well. I am actually nearly falling asleep at the keyboard as I am typing this.

That being said, what random connection do I have for you today? It’s totally random and I really have no idea why I made the connection between these two things, but I did – not that it’s a really good one, but hey. Anywho, today’s random connection is about a Winter 2011 Chinese drama and a Japanese manga. The drama is The Holy Pearl starring Gillian Chung and Purba Rygal and the manga is InuYasha by Takahashi Rumiko. See, totally random!


So what is there connection, you wonder?

Simply put, the story of InuYasha has a modern day heroine (Kagome) who is the reincarnation of a priestess (Kikyo) who gets magically transported back to Feudal Japan (via the Bone Eater’s Well). There she meets half-human, half-demon Inuyasha who just so happened to be in love with Kikyo. Inuyasha was constantly scorned by humans and demons alike for being nothing but a halfbreed. He determined to steal the Shikon jewel in order to become a powerful, full demon and have his revenge on the world. He tries to steal it and meets the priestess for the first time. The two fall in love with each other and Kikyo gets Inuyasha thinking that turning into a full human wouldn’t be so bad. But due to a misunderstanding, both Kikyo and Inuyasha believe that they have been betrayed by each other. Kikyo is seriously injured by a fake Inuyasha, thus her last act before she dies is to seal him so he can do no harm. After Kikyo passes on, the jewel is burned with her so no demon can have its powers. Kagome is unaware that she has the Shikon jewel. It is inside her body. Then when she needs help, the jewel flies out. During one event, the jewel is shattered and she and Inuyasha must go out on a journey to retrieve all of the shards. While they start off on rocky footing, the two grow to love one another. And it isn’t replacement love as Kagome is really different from Kikyo.

Holy Pearl posterAnd guess what? That’s right, The Holy Pearl has a somewhat similar storyline! In the drama, we have a modern girl (Ding Yao) who is the reincarnation of a priestess/fairy (Xian Yue) who gets magically transported 3500 years into the past (via the nine star wheel). There she meets half-human, half-dragon (considered a demon since the dragon race was cast out by the father of the heavens) Wen Tian (who happens to have a romantic past with the deceased Xian Yue). Like Inuyasha, Wen Tian is scorned by both humans and demons alike for being a halfbreed. So he was determined to steal the demon-subduing vase in order to gain power and have his revenge. He falls for priestess Xian Yue when he steals the vase, however, and Xian Yue reciprocates this love. Wen Tian agrees to become mortal for the priestess and retire to the hills with her, but due to a misunderstood betrayal, Wen Tian ends up being sealed by Xian Yue who dies after being injured by a fake Wen Tian. As she is dying, she asks that the vase be destroyed to prevent any more disasters. And just like Kagome, Ding Yao had no idea the vase was in her hands. When it is discovered, she accidentally shatters it into 12 holy pearls. She and Wen Tian then must set out on a journey to retrieve the shards and rebuild the vase.

The plots are quite different in a lot of respects, but there is enough similarities between them if you search hard enough. Well, actually you don’t have to search all that hard. I was shocked watching this and all I could think about was hey, this is a lot like InuYasha. Need another example? Inuyasha has a full-demon brother Sesshomaru who is a very cold demon who hates his little brother and humans. Although, for some unknown reason, Sesshomaru spares a little girl named Rin who eventually ends up tagging along with him and his sidekick. Sesshomaru is constantly looking for Inuyasha to take back the gift their dead father bequeathed his youngest son – a sword that can kill 100 enemies in one swoop. Inuyasha wasn’t even aware of this power, but definitely doesn’t want to give the sword up. Thus the two brothers fight constantly throughout the series, although, they later become close allies against their common enemy. So, that’s right, Wen Tian also has a half brother who is a full-fledged demon. Of course this brother hates him as well. Wu Dao also wants to take back the gift their deceased father bestowed on his little brother as it is a powerful thing that shouldn’t belong to a halfbreed. We also see some compassion in Wu Dao (even though he is supposed to harbor no good will towards humans and slaughters them indiscriminately) when he saves a shrine maiden from death after her entire village was attacked and destroyed.

I have only watched the first 4 episodes, so I don’t know if the series will continue to have a lot in common with the manga or not, but I am enjoying it more than I thought I would

Kagome and InuYasha had a happy ending (the manga is officially over!!!!), will Wen Tian and Ding Yao? Ah, totally enjoying Holy Pearl more than I thought I would. I am also liking Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei with Wallace Huo. Any interest in seeing more Chinese dramas getting recapped?


  • i grew up watching inuyasha and it was pretty much my first anime. up to second episode of ‘The Holy Pearl’ and the similarities are ridiculous. wait, just calling these ‘incidents’ similarities is an understatement. hope they give credit to the inuyasha crew cus i would surely be pissed finding out that [my] story was completely ripped off. it must surely be copyrighted.. right? nonetheless i give credit to ‘The Holy Pearl’ with their execution of a potential great series but it makes it a little harder to enjoy the series at this point. can’t wait to see whats in store!

    • InuYasha was my obsession in high school and my early college years. My friend collected the manga, but I was more hung up on the anime. Apparently The Holy Pearl is associated with InuYasha, but as to whether or not it is an “official” adaptation, I do not know. It’s like how the Chinese came up with their version of HanDan, but it’s unofficial, thus it is pretty similar, but differs quite a bit because it was not sanctioned by the mangaka. You’d think if this was an official adaptation, it would have been spread all over the web, but I haven’t actually really found anything that stated it was.

      • I’m up to episode 4 so far (after consulting with my sister who bought me to Inuyasha and ranting to the world bout the similarities) and i’m pretty convinced it is an adaptation of Inuyasha cause there are no stones left un-turned when it comes to the basic story line and character development; although there are little differences here and there i can’t spot any proof of originality in this drama. Even though they put in some characters, these are but a mixture of the original characters, eg the girl who was supposed to be ‘Sango’ who also seems to be rin? Just got to put out that the guy who’s supposed to be sesshomaru(the godly beautiful, cold yet occasionally soft hearted pure demon whom i worship) looks like a drag queen LOL I’m just watching this drama to see how long they are going to follow Inuyashas storyline but besides that, this drama cannot even measure up to half of what Inuyasha was.

        • I am pretty sure they will take it all the way to the end with their slight variations. I am still trying to figure out where the king who is obsessed with the main character fits in… and the best friend who is really jealous and wants the girl dead…
          Ah, yes, the dragon demon is very pretty. I do like him. He doesn’t seem too bad for the embodiment of Sesshoumarou-sama.

  • well since the jealous best friend should best have been kaede(considering she was the next priestess), i guess the king takes over kaedes role instead, being the person who saves her because of her resemblance and pretty much takes her in. the jealous best friend on the other hand reminds me of tsubaki, that miko who turned evil because of her jealousy towards kikyo. Its just my analysis so far but i’ve got to finish the series to be sure. Is Miroku a guy in here? loved the chemistry between him and Sango in Inuyasha.

    • So far in the first 4 episodes, I don’t see anyone who could be Miroku. I agree about the mix of Sango and Rin in the woman that what’s his name saved. Sigh. I really want the lecherous priest – he brought so much joy to the anime. Oh…and then there was little baby Shippo. And who can forget wolf-demon Kouga. Makes me want to go back and watch the anime now. Viikii is streaming all the episodes now. Whether or not the English subtitles are up to DoReMii’s standards who are doing the hard subbing, is another thing.

  • Woah I’m glad that people other than me thought this drama was too similar to Inuyasha! It’s airing over here, and my mom was watching it and explained the plot to me and I was like… o___O” Inuyasha!!! xD Actually from the moment I saw the ressurection of xian yue I was like ooo kikyo and kagome! 😀 Even though I’ve never finished inuyasha I’m still pretty interested by this drama, and I hope rumiko takahashi gets credit for her original plot D:

    • I haven’t officially finished InuYasha either, but that’s because both anime and manga are loooooooooooooong. I was shocked when I first saw this series and I was like InuYasha, no way. I didn’t even know they were doing a live action adaptation which makes me wonder if it is “official” or not.

      • Yeah I know both of them are so long >_< But this drama kinda makes me wanna see Inuyasha to the end. I mean it finally ended so I kinda wanna know what happened to Naraku. And since I so devoutly followed this anime some years ago hmmmm
        And then there's this new drama that mimicks every part of Inuyasha
        I also wonder if it's official, though I haven't heard anything as of yet
        I wanna watch this drama mostly to compare it to Inuyasha, haha but it's pretty long too, 32 one hour episodes ;A;

        • True, but not as long as either the anime or the manga. The anime ended before the manga, so I am uncertain as to just how much they finished the storyline there. My friend has the entire InuYasha manga collection and she had to tell me how it ended. It’s a good ending, but I won’t spoil anything for anyone.

          This is a longer drama, but most Chinese dramas tend to be longer than Japanese or Korean it seems.

          • Ahh, I didn’t know the anime finished before. But if it has a different ending that would be kinda odd, hopefully a happy one though
            Now perhaps I should start reading the manga, haha
            Yeah most chinese dramas are longer, because the only ones I know of have complex plotlines and themes for adults, which are not usually the kinds of drama I’m interested in. I think japan and korea have more dramas focusing on young people and stuff, but those types of dramas tend to be not as long 😛

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