Total Randomness #15: Tolerance

I’ve been noticing this more and more as my drama watching progresses. It’s a tolerance level, or rather threshold. Once a drama hits that threshold, all bets are off. I was happily marathoning cheesy and overdone Thai drama Cubic and BAM, my threshold for tolerating the drama was reached at episode 9. Once this happens, I bid that particular drama adieu. Not to say I will never watch it again, but I’ve actually had all I can stomach at the moment. Some dramas I can come back to and finish and some dramas I just can’t. It’s hard to say which category it will fall under.

And this is unfortunately not rare for me when it comes to dramas these days. It’s hard for me to be able to find a drama I can stand watching all the way through without taking a break. I can actually only name a handful of drama exceptions in which I recall making it all the way through and enjoying it immensely:

  • Hana Yori Dango
  • Hana Kimi
  • Can You Hear My Heart?
  • Full House Take 2
  • ToGetHer
  • Piece
  • Shining Inheritance
  • Love Never Dies [even though that ending left a lot to be desired and it was full of fluff and the plot really didn’t have much of a point given the ending]
  • Flower Boy Ramen Shop
  • Liar Game
  • Liar Game 2
  • xxxHOLIC
  • Oh! My Lady
  • Ruk Patiharn
  • Skip Beat!

Now, the above list is not the only dramas I finished from start to finish without stopping. There are others, but I can’t pinpoint them now and say that I completely loved those by the end, but neither do I necessarily regret watching them all the way through without stopping like I have some. Some I finished for the sake of recapping in a timely manner as I try not to take huge breaks (anymore) when recapping dramas.

With a few exceptions, many from the list come from the beginning of my foray into Asian dramas. If you take a moment to peruse my drama list at MyDramaList…it’s very abysmal in how many dramas are completed vs. how many dramas are started. And in looking back at all of those dramas…some never met the threshold, but fell by the wayside when it came to hectic schedules between 2 jobs in 2010 and sometimes it’s just sooo hard to pick up a drama again after lots of time as the romance is officially dead. Sometimes it is rekindled and other times it stays cold and sputtered out.

I have come back to dramas and wondered just why I stopped watching them as I really enjoyed the episodes that came after I stopped watching. But then there are the dramas that leave one cold and me wondering what I ever saw in them to begin with. BoF wasn’t horrible, but when I came back to the last half of the series after live watching the first half…I was very disappointed in how badly played out the series in fact was.

I don’t really know about this threshold of tolerance that I’ve encountered. I can’t put it into words that will make sense, but I knew I hit it on Wednesday night. With the ending of that particular episode of Cubic and the scenes for the next episode, I put my laptop down and declared that was it. And it was. I haven’t watched it since and have no desire to start again at the moment. It’s…kind of like I’m restless while watching. If a drama is doing it’s job…it shouldn’t leave you restless should it? And that is what happens with so many dramas. I watch until I feel restless. Or angry. Or annoyed. But the angry and annoyed usually equates to dropping a drama because I couldn’t stomach the plot or acting. This restlessness…isn’t of the same vein. But I have to listen to it otherwise dramas become a chore and once it’s a chore, it’s not fun or entertaining and more.

Ah…sometimes this is also caused by knowing an ending and not wanting to get there as in the case of Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child. I already know the ending. The same can be said of Heartless City/Cruel City, and Gloria. I know how those dramas end. I do wish to finish watching them, but just can’t bring myself to do it yet. It’s rather strange.

And onto another topic. More of an announcement. The dreaded “D” word: “Dropped”! I am making it official, though it should probably be obvious by now I think. I’ve updated the Drama Recap page and officially moved several dramas into the “dropped” category. I could go into lengthy discussions as to why I’ve officially dropped them…but will give you a very brief rundown:

  • Drama Go Go Go – it’s been too long for me to find the ambition to finish
  • Glass Mask – this project *may* be resurrected, but when I finish a series before the recaps, that makes me less ambitious
  • Gong – the love affair has ended as the latter episodes got rather mundane
  • Gumiho – I just am having a hard time to get the motivation to finish this series…plus…as a spoiler…practically the entire main cast dies
  • Melody of Love – so far behind it’s not funny…besides…this plot takes forever so I can tell you what happens in the entire series in less time it actually takes it to happen
  • Thorn Flower – technical difficulties, lost my copy of the series
  • Yankee-kun to Megane-chan – Again, been way too long


  • Good job for dropping the dramas that were bound to get dropped eventually!

  • You know how I feel about Glass Mask: my first daily! I still have love for the drama for its highs but not necessarily for the end. Gumiho was good regardless of the ending. Thorn Flower; I’m at the point of just watching it raw and be done with it. Melody of Love, I am still determined to finish that. Yankee-kun is on my PTW list too.

    • This Glass Mask is a great 2 season Japanese drama based on a manga series of the same name. It’s good & I highly recommend it.

      This drop list is more in regards to recapping the dramas. I do want to try finishing watching them some day.

  • Ahahahaha, you stopped watching Cubic? I totally understand that! I watched it straight through though, I loved it. One of the best ‘worst’ dramas I’ve seen in a while. It was just so ridiculous in every way, and for some reason that totally worked for me.

    I understand what you mean about being ‘restless’ when watching things. Lately, I’ve hardly been watching any k-dramas; I find I’m just not in the mood, and even when I am watching something (I’ve switched over to TW-dramas in the last couple of weeks), I’m on Twitter or i’m Tumblring or doing something while I’m watching. I can’t seem to just sit and watch anymore, and I think it’s the ‘restless’ feeling that you’re talking about.

    • Yeah, I kind of needed a break from that drama. I will go back to it, but just failed at being able to watch it straight through. It is one of the best “worst”, I agree and I needs must finish it for that reason alone, but I need some space fore doing so.

      It could be the fact it is spring here, but I know that isn’t the case. I’m getting itchy while watching dramas and they aren’t holding as much attention as they should. Even though I like Angel’s Revenge I also get restless while watching that drama, but that’s probably more for the fact it’s a daily drama. Everything gets dragged on forever with those, but at least it’s not as bad as Melody of Love which took nearly 100 episodes for people to realize just who was dating whom and all that great stuff, which reminds me I need to work on finishing that. I’m only nearly 100 episodes behind now, lol.

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