Total Randomness #4

Well, for Total Randomness #4, there isn’t too much, but I’d figured I’d get them out there before I forgot.

What in the world can sageuk drama Chuno and law drama Prosecutor Princess possibly have in common with one another? The answer: Han Jung Soo kicking some serious butt. You get to see him hunting down runaway slaves wearing next to nothing while women flirt with him in Chuno and with Prosecutor Princess‘s episodes 3-4, you get to see Han Jung Soo bust out some cool fighting moves once again (betcha you didn’t think you’d get to seem him fight when he plays a stuffy lawyer).

Speaking of sageuk dramas, while looking through Song Il Gook’s drama credits, I noticed that he starred in the 2002 KBS1 drama Royal Story / Jang Hee Bin. Now if you’ve been keeping track of Dong Yi, you’ll recognize the name Jang Hee Bin. The 2002 drama followed the life of royal concubine Jang Hee Bin and her relationship with King Sukjong. Eight years later and we see Dong Yi’s story with King Sukjong come into light. So if you are interested in the whole Sukjong era, you can check out the drama Jang Hee Bin.

And that would be it for randomness today.

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