Cdrama Bu Bu Jing Xin

Bu Bu Jing Xin poster步步惊心

Romanized title: Bu Bu Jing Xin
English title: Startling by Each Step
Broadcast station:
Hunan TV
Broadcast dates: 10 September – 29 September 2011
Episodes: 35
Based on
the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua

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This drama’s plot may be familiar thanks to the drama Gong which aired in January. Gong  got a lot of flak for having a similar plot. However, while the premise of the dramas are somewhat similar, these two dramas are not to be confused with one another. They are very, very different. Gong was a mix of comedy and romance with your basic melodrama. Bu Bu Jing Xin, while possessing lighthearted and comedic moments, is a heavier, more serious drama.

25 year-old Zhang Xiao is transported back to the Qing Dynasty after a car accident. No, her body is not in the past, but rather her mind, her soul. When she wakes up, she is in the body of Maertai Ruo Xi [who is only 16], the younger sister of one of the 8th Prince’s wives. With no idea how to get home, Zhang Xiao lives as Ruo Xi and becomes entangled in the princes’ fight for the throne. I wonder which prince will manage to ensnare her heart in this drama? If you’ve seen the trailers for this drama, then you should know just how crazily complicated this plot is going to get.


Liu Shi Shi as
Maerti Ruo XiLiu Shi Shi
Nicky Wu as
Yin Zhen [4th Prince]Nicky Wu
Kevin Cheng as
Yin Si [8th Prince]Kevin Cheng
Han Dong as
Yin Tang [9th Prince]Han Dong
Ye Zu Xin as
Yin’e [10th Prince]Ye Zu Xin
Yuan Hong as
Yin Xiang [13 Prince]Yuan Hong
Lin Geng Xin as
Yin Ti [14th Prince]Lin Geng Xin
Annie Luo as
Maerti Ruo LanAnnie Liu
  • Cao Xin Yu as Qiao Hui
  • Damian Lau as Kang Xi [Emperor]
  • Zhang Lei as Yin Reng [Crown Prince]
  • Chen Jing Yu as Yin Zhi [3rd Prince]
  • Wang Xiao Dong as Yin Qi [5th Prince]
  • Shi Xian Qun as Gorolo Ming Hui [8th Prince’s wife]
  • Liu Yu Xin as Gorolo Ming Yu [10th Prince’s wife]
  • Deng Li Min as Li De Quan
  • Ye Qing as Yu Tan
  • Tuo Xiao Ting as Suwan Guwalgiya Min Min [Mongol princess]

Episode Recaps:

Some recaps by NeeNee from AAA,  Angelic from AliceChen’s World, and hesui from My Drama Tea

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9 :: 10 :: 11 :: 12 :: 13 :: 14 :: 15 :: 16 :: 17 :: 18 :: 19 :: 20 :: 21 :: 22- 24 :: 25 :: 26 :: 27 :: 28 :: 29 :: 30 :: 31 :: 32 :: 33 :: 34 :: 35


Track list from AliceChen’s World. Now, I can’t actually find where you can get the official OST, but I would love to be able to find it as it is one awesome soundtrack.

Theme songs:
“One Persistent Thought” by Hu Ge, Alan Dawa Dolma
“Ai De Lian Yi” by Alicia
“San Cun Tian Tang” by Yan Yi Dan

Insert songs:
“Deng Ni De Ji Jie” by Liu Shi Shi
“Diao Ke Ai Qing” by Zheng Jia Jia


Bu Bu Jing Xin (New Edition) by Tong Hua [released 30 Sept 2011]

Bu Bu Jing Xin DVD Chinese version with no English subtitles [released 27 Sept 2011]

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