Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 1 Recap

Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 1

So, yes, should finish recapping Gong first. Oh, well. I am nothing if not inconsistent. I finally started watching this drama and wanted to share it. It’s going to get complicated fast, so lets see how confusing things get shall we?

The series opens with a young girl lying in bed injured [Liu Shi Shi]. She sees her surroundings in a haze, as well as the people tending her. She wonders just what kind of hospital she is in and why are the nurses wearing such weird clothes? She then falls unconscious again. When she finally wakes up one week later, she is still in unfamiliar surroundings. Just where is she? As she looks around the room and then into a mirror [seeing a reflection that surprised her], a servant comes in happy to see the 2nd miss is awake. The servant immediately calls for people, but the girl quickly hushes her, making herself dizzy in the process. I do like the crazy scene that follows where the girl wonders if she is on some reality show being tricked.

Liu Shi ShiThe servant scolds the girl for overdoing things when she has just woken up. Freaked out by her surroundings, the girl demands to know who the servant is. The servant introduces herself as Qiao Hui [Cao Xin Yu]. The girl then asks where she is and is shocked to learn that she is in the 8th Prince’s palace. What is going on? The girl immediately freaks. How can she be in the Qing Dynasty. She starts shaking the servant who tells her that her name is Maerti Ruo Xi. At this point, in walks Maerti Ruo Lan [Annie Liu], her older sister. The girl is still in shock, but the calming presence and the devoted care of Ruo Lan calms her down. The physician examines her and says that she is still unwell. He then leaves to go get medicine. Ruo Lan tells her not to worry. The girl points at herself repeating her name Maertil Ruo Xi. She then points at Ruo Lan and Ruo Lan repeats that she is her older sister. Ruo Xi then asks what happened and Ruo Lan explains that Ruo Xi fell down a set of stairs and has been unconscious for a little over a week.

Liu Shi Shi, Annie Liu

This makes no sense to the girl. She didn’t fall down stairs, she was hit by a car. We then get a flashback of what happened. The girl’s name is Zhang Xiao and she lives in modern times, not the Qing Dynasty. Apparently, just before the accident she was fighting with her boyfriend as she saw him kissing his god sister Mei Mei. He denies that he he kissed the girl, saying it was all one-sided on Mei Mei’s side. Zhang Xiao doesn’t believe this. While arguing, the two end up beside ongoing construction. A worker comes over and tells them to not argue there and Zhang Xiao knocks water out of his hands causing an incident which sets a live wire sparking. She then, inexplicably manages to get hit by a car into the sign and gets electrocuted [the car part just doesn’t seem quite realistic at all]. After that, Zhang Xiao recalls reaching the bottom of a set of stairs and seeing a figure standing above her. Zhang Xiao then believes it was the collision coupled with the electrocution that caused her soul to time travel into Ruo Xi’s body in the Qing Dynasty.

Liu Shi Shi

Days pass and Zhang Xiao still cannot believe that she is in the Qing Dynasty, much less as the little sister of one of Yin Si’s wives. Zhang Xiao knows her history well and knows what will become of the 8th prince. Ruo Lan has been nothing but kindness and that makes Zhang Xiao feel guilty since she is not really Ruo Xi. She also doesn’t think relying on Ruo Lan if she can’t manage to go back home is too good because of the history. Qiao Hui encourages Ruo Xi to take it easy. Ruo Xi says that she is fine and they start heading back to visit her sister who spends a lot of time studying Buddhist scriptures and praying [she’s a step away from a monk, I tell ya]. On their way, Zhang Xiao gets information about herself and her family from Qiao Hui. When Ruo Xi returns, Ruo Lan cannot believe that her little sister is taking exercise so soon. Ruo Xi says she isn’t all that delicate and then tries to find out more information from Ruo Lan. Apparently, Ruo Xi was a wild girl who was sent to live with Ruo Lan as her older sister is the only one Ruo Xi ever really listened to. Ruo Xi has been at 8th Prince’s palace for three months and is there to learn how to be a maiden.

Annie Liu, Qiao Hui, Liu Shi Shi

Later, Zhang Xiao demands that Qiao Hui take her to the place where Ruo Xi fell. Qiao Hui is reluctant to do so as Ruo Lan doesn’t wish Ruo Xi to go there, but Zhang Xiao insists. When they arrive at the stairs, Zhang Xiao climbs up them and wonders how Ruo Xi didn’t end up breaking her neck or sustaining even worse injuries. Zhang Xiao also wonders if she falls from the stairs again, will she be transported back to her own time? And if she is, what will she find? Will she be alive or dead? Zhang Xiao decides it doesn’t matter what state she’s in, she has to go back to her own time. Just as she moves to “accidentally” fall down the stairs once more, Qiao Hui puts herself in front of her and says that they should go back down. Good Qiao Hui, she knew something wasn’t quite right.

Liu Shi Shi, Cao Xin Yu

After safely descending the stairs, Ruo Xi asks if Qiao Hui ever worries about her parents, that her little brother won’t be able to take care of them. Qiao Hui says that of course she worries, but since her younger siblings are there, she knows they will take care of her parents. It looks like Zhang Xiao is the eldest and that she’s worried about her little brother taking care of her parents in the future. Ruo Xi then wonders if her family is seeing the same sky as she is right that instant. Qiao Hui doesn’t get this at all. How can a sky be different? Ruo Xi then says the future cannot be predicted and it is sad when parents have to bury their children. This totally loses Qiao Hui even more. Laughter breaks into this melancholic thoughts and her come the 9th [Han Dong] and 10th [Ye zu Yin] princes. They find Ruo Xi’s mature gravity very interesting. As they walk off, Zhang Xiao cannot believe that the first prince she met wasn’t the 8th Prince, but his two younger brothers: the 9th Prince known for his viciousness, and the 10th Prince known as being a fool. As the princes turn to leave, the 10th Prince quickly turns back and makes a face, causing Zhang Xiao to laugh.

Ye Zu Xin

Ruo Xi and Qiao Hui sneak out to the market as Ruo Xi was sick of being cooped up in the palace. She learns even more from Qiao Hui just how wild and unruly she was before. Zhang Xiao is amazed at how Old Beijing kept its historicness in the future. Qiao Hui is surprised that Ruo Xi knows of Old Beijing since she has only been there 3 months and has never stepped foot in the market before. Soon there is a commotion. We have royal guards coming. Looks like the emperor is returning to Beijing and they are preparing the way for him. Zhang Xiao is shocked to see a servant who looks exactly like the construction worker the night of her accident. She rushes towards him as a horse and rider come galloping. Just as Zhang Xiao is about to get struck by the horse, her soul starts leaving Ruo Xi’s body, but the rider manages to get the horse to jump over her. Talk about luck. Turns out the horseman is the 4th Prince [Nicky Wu]. Qiao Hui and the other servant immediately apologize for what happened. 4th Prince says nothing and just rides on.

Nicky Wu, Cao Xin Yu, Liu Shi Shi

When the girls get home, they learn that Ruo Xi’s absence has already been reported. The servants are getting a beating for letting her sneak out. Ruo Xi tries to stop this, but Qiao Hui says that they only listen to their master and that Ruo Xi should steer clear to avoid punishment. Upset, Ruo Xi rushes off to her sister to demand leniency only to find Gorolo Ming Hui [Shi Xiao Qun] there [she’s the Di’Fujin, so her status is higher than Ruo Lan’s who is Ce’fujin or something like that]. Needless to say we have a heated debate. Ming Hui wants to punish Ruo Lan for not teaching Ruo Xi better. Ruo Xi intervenes and says that if her sister is at fault, then Ming Hui is the one who should receive the harshest punishment since she resides over Ruo Lan. That was totally logical. We then have a physical brawl where Ruo Lan gets a vicious kick and Ming Hui gets a slight head injury.

Bu Bu Jing Xin episode 1

After Ming Hui has been escorted out, Ruo Lan is led back to her room. They try to get Ruo Lan to see a physician, too, but she refuses. Ruo Lan then tells Ruo Xi that the beaten servants have already been taken care of. Ruo Xi then demands to be scolded by Ruo Lan as it is all her fault that things got so messy. Qiao Hui speaks up and says that isn’t the case, Ming Hui has always disliked Ruo Lan. This infuriates Ruo Xi. She wonders why such a talented and kind person like Ruo Lan must live in this palace and be bullied and share a husband with other women. Women have their own strength and are all but equal to men. So what if you never marry? This startles Ruo Lan and the servants. Zhang Xiao remembers that she is in the Qing Dynasty which has quite a different view of such things. She then tries to tell Ruo Lan that she isn’t the Ruo Xi that she thinks, but Ruo Lan just says that she knows her little sister has become mature and is starting to care for others. Yeah, not what she meant at all.

Annie Liu, Liu Shi Shi

That night in bed Zhang Xiao recalls how her spirit almost left Ruo Xi’s body when the horse almost hit her. Could that be what she needs to go back to her own time? The next morning she decides she will need a map so she can find the spot the accident happened in and a plan to get her soul back where it belongs. That morning the palace is even busier. Why? The 8th Prince who had returned the day before gave notice he will be there for dinner. Ruo Lan warns Qiao Hui to make sure that Ruo Xi is prepared properly for the first meeting with her brother-in-law. Zhang Xiao is excited to be able to meet the 8th Prince in person. He was supposed to be a very good prince and the 4th Prince’s arch rival.

Liu Shi Shi, Cao Xin Yu, Annie Lui

Ruo Xi is horrified to have to war 7 layers of clothing on such a stifling day. But she has to bear with it. While waiting for the 8th Prince, she can’t take it anymore and goes out to try to cool off. While trying to keep her makeup from running, she starts using her sleeves to wipe the sweat. Then a handkerchief appears and she is told to stop crying. Ruo Xi looks up and there is the 8th Prince [Kevin Cheng]. She tries to give the correct greeting, but doesn’t quite manage to pull it off properly. Ruo Xi says that she wasn’t crying, but perspiring horribly. She then takes the preferred handkerchief to wipe her face. The two then go inside together where the 9th & 10th princes have also gathered. During the meal, the 10th prince keeps stealing glances at Ruo Xi. She notices this and makes a bit of a face at him, this causes him to choke on his food a little. Ruo Xi then picks up her bowl to eat and ends up choking herself. This makes the 10th prince laugh. When 98th prince asks what is so amusing about Ruo Xi choking, the 10th prince replies that she did it so much more beautifully than he did. What an interesting way to look at it… The 9th prince laughs and says that 10th prince has gotten better at complimenting.Yeah. Looks like 10th prince already has a little crush on Ruo Xi.

Liu Shi Shi, Kevin ChengThat night, Ruo Xi asks Ciao Hui about Ruo Lan’s and Yin Si’s relationship. Ciao Hui asks how it looked and Ruo Xi replied that she couldn’t see any deep feeling for the prince in her sister’s heart. Ruo Lan seemed more interested in her Buddhist teachings than her husband. Ruo Xi sees no problem in this given how the 8th prince will meet his end. Qiao Hui agrees that there isn’t a problem with Ruo Lan’s feelings and actions per se, but other people in the palace don’t necessarily think that’s the case. Ruo Xi then asks what Qiao Hui thinks Yin Si feels for Ruo Lan, but before that can be answered, Qiao Hui wonders when Ruo Xi will turn in. I think that Yin Si might have some feelings for Ruo Lan, but just what kind, I don’t know. My favorite part in this scene is when Zhang Xiao whines that she wants an air conditioner and ice cream [when she’s alone of course].

Cai Xin Yu, Liu Shi Shi

The next day Ruo Xi sneaks out of the palace once more to the market. She has decided to do whatever it takes to go back. What’s the worse that can happen? Death or being crippled? It’s worth it. She listens for horses and is disappointed that there is none, but then she hears some approaching. She deliberately jumps into their path this time, but the riders manage to rein them in before they can do the girl any harm. Much to Ruo Xi’s disappointment. It turns out that the riders are none other than the 4th and 13th princes. The 13 Prince [Yuan Hong] jumps off his horse and helps Ruo Xi up. She falls into him as she twisted her ankle when she fell. After Yin Zhen goes to pick something up, Yin Xiang wants to know how Ruo Xi knows his older brother. Ruo Xi explains that she is the Ce’fujin’s sister. Yin Xiang is surprised to learn that this unruly young girl is from Yin Si’s palace as the 8th prince is very kind and very big on decorum, yet here is this girl running wild in the streets.

Liu Shi Shi, Yuan Hong

When Yin Zhen finishes his errand, Yin Xiang offers to escort Ruo Xi back to the palace. Ruo Xi accepts the offer and begs the two not to tell her sister what happened. They promise and take her back. Once they return to the palace, Yin Zhen asks to have a moment with Ruo Xi so Ruo Lan escorts Yin Xiang to the living room. Yin Zhen then accuses Ruo xi of deliberately throwing herself in front of the horses. Ruo Xi insists that she has too much to live for [how can she explain the real reason she did it]. Yin Zhen says the first time is an accident, the 2nd is deliberate, and the 3rd time he won’t rein in his mount. Yowza. I guess he figures if you got a death wish, why bother trying to save someone?

Nicky Wu

And that’s where this episode ends.

I’m liking it so far. It’s nice that its quite a bit different from Gong.

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