Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 2 Recap

Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 2

We rewind a bit to Ruo Xi [how I guess I shall call her for consistency’s sake from now on] throwing herself in front of bot the 13th & 4th princes’ horses. I do like how Ruo Xi almost ends up kissing the 4th prince’s horse as he manages to reign it in once more. I won’t go over this scene once more and just skip to the next which has Yin Zhen wondering just why Ruo Xi was seeking death. Ruo Xi replies that he can’t understand, but she was really trying to live. Yin Zhen then gives her ointment for her leg [what he rushed off to get] and tells her that her words are strange before turning to leave. Ruo Xi stops him and thanks him. Yin Zhen then reminds her that since he was the one who saved her life, she is not allowed to end it without his permission. Awww. How sweet. Looks like our 4th prince has taken a bit of a shine to Ruo Xi all ready.

Liu Shi Shi, Nicky Wu

The next day Ruo Xi is up and walking [she still limps and needs support, but her injury heals quickly thanks to Yin Zhen’s ointment]. Ruo Lan is shocked to see her little sister moving about so soon. She then tells Ruo Xi that they must go to Yin Zhen and Yin Xiang to thank them for their help. Ruo Xi says it isn’t necessary as she has already thanked them, but Ruo Lan says that is the formalities of the palace. A letter is then brought in and Ruo Xi wonders why her sister does not read it. Ruo Lan replies that is because the eunuch is not there to read it to her. I find this interesting as Ruo Lan is a learned woman who is constantly reading. Why can’t she read this letter herself? Ruo Xi then offers to help. She opens the letter but finds herself at a loss as to just what some of the characters are. She muddles through it, but must claim defeat in the end. She then tells her sister that she will work hard to practice so that she can read the characters in the future.

Cao Xin Yu, Liu Shi Shi, Annie Liu

Ye Zu Xin, Liu Shi ShiRuo Xi takes a book of Song poems and settles in to study. She cannot believe that she has had 16 years of education and considers herself a scholarly person only to be stumped by such characters. Not really interested in studying, Ruo Xi starts to amuse herself by playing with ants on a nearby rock. This is when Yin Si and Yin’e show up. The 8th prince is impressed that Ruo Xi is studying the Song poems while the 10th prince points out that Ruo Xi was playing with ants instead. Ruo Xi then starts quoting Buddhist scripture and says that she may have been looking at ants, but she wasn’t really looking at them. Yin’e doesn’t get it at all and Yin Si tells his little brother to study more. Yin Si then turns and ask Ruo Xi if she studies Buddhist scripture. Ruo Xi has not, but she recalls her sister reciting them. Yin’e then picks up the book and asks if Ruo Xi can read all the characters. Ruo Xi replies that she can and that she’s getting to know them better. How? By guessing. Yin’e laughs at that and says that if guesswork was all that was needed, then there would be no need for tutors. The two brothers turn to leave, but Yin’e stops and invites Ruo Xi to go horseback riding with them and she happily accepts.

Ye Zu Xin, Kevin Cheng, Liu Shi Shi

On the ride to the horses, Yin Si naps while Ruo Xi peeks out the window. When she makes a little exclamation, Yin’e wonders what she saw. Ruo Xi refuses to tell him without compensation. This annoys Yin’e, but his curiosity gets the better of him and he pulls out some money to give to her. Ruo Xi rejects it. She does not want money. Yin’e demands to know just what it is she does want. Ruo Xi wants a favor to be paid later. Yin’e finally caves and Ruo Xi asks the seemingly napping 8th prince to act as a witness of the promise. Yin Si witnesses it and Ruo Xi tells them she just made the explanation when she realized people immediately made way for the carriage without knowing that it contained princes. It then occurred to her that since the town was so near, that the people were right to fairly assume the occupants were royal and make way for it. Yin’e feels swindled, but Yin Si is highly amused.

Ye Zu Xin, Keven Cheng, Liu Shi Shi

When they get to the stables, Yin’e goes through and rejects many of the mounts as being unsuitable [for Ruo Xi I think]. Yin Si then offers her Linglong [something unheard of apparently]. Yin’e exclaims at Ruo Xi’s luck. Yin Si then mounts up and goes to ride off. Ruo Xi stares after him happily [looks like she’s starting to crush on her brother-in-law]. Yin’e snaps her out of her daydreaming and brings her attention back to the horse. When she hesitates, he wonders why she doesn’t hurry and mount. Ruo Xi then reveals that she doesn’t know how to ride. This makes the brothers laugh. Yin Si tells Yin’e to hold the reigns for her and rides off by himself. Ruo Xi stares after him until Yin’e snaps her out of her funk again. He holds the reigns and she gets on. The two then playfully begin their ride.

Ye Zu Xin, Liu Shi Shi

When Ruo Xi gets home, she chatters happily about her experience with her sister. At Ruo Lan’s surprise, Ruo Xi asks if she did not like horseback riding before. Ruo Lan says that whenever their father tried to teach Ruo Xi, she always refused. Ruo Xi says that now she loves it and talks about how caring Yin Si is. She encourages Ruo Lan to come play with them next time. Ruo Xi believes that Ruo Lan should try hard to fight for Yin Si as he is a man worthy to fight for. Ruo Lan gets up from her needle work and asks her personal maid Dongyun to go to the shrine with her. Ruo Xi wonders if she said something wrong, but Qiao Hui replies that isn’t the case. Does Ruo Lan have any feelings for her husband or not? It’s kind of hard to tell. Ruo Xi tries to figure out just what is going on with her sister, but Qiao Hui cannot offer her any explanation for Ruo Lan’s coldness. Yin Si and Ruo Lan are fated to meet through marriage, but might not be destined to love each other.

Liu Shi Shi, Annie Liu, Cao Yu Xin

The next day Qiao Hui and Ruo Xi set off in search of the 10th prince. Why? He is fun to play and Ruo Xi is in desperate need to break up her monotony. Qiao Hui wonders if it is good to go unannounced as the boys are discussing things in the study. Ruo Xi assures her it will be fine as long as she doesn’t have to see the 4th prince as she doesn’t want to meet his icy stare. At this moment, Dongyun runs up saying that Ruo Lan is calling for her. Qiao Hui runs off leaving Ruo Xi alone. Just as she is about to continue on to see Yin’e, the person she wishes to meet least shows up. Ruo Xi quickly turns to run away, but stops when Yin Zhen calls out to her. He asks if she is avoiding him and Ruo Xi immediately replies that is not the case at all. Then why did she turn as soon as she saw him? Ruo Xi denies seeing him and says she had just recalled something she needed to do. Yin Zhen replies that he believes that Ruo Xi is just afraid he’ll ask why she tried to kill herself that day. Ruo Xi denies this fear and when Yin Zhen turns away, she stops him to ask advice. What happens if you are hypothetically dreaming, but cannot wake from the dream? Yin Zhen’s advice is simple: Make the best of it. He then goes on to say that strong wood breaks easily. Now, Ruo Xi got the first reference, but has no idea what Yin Zhen meant by the 2nd. Seeing her confusion, he tells her to forget it and then leaves.

Liu Shi Shi, Nicky Wu

When Yin Zhen gets to the study, he finds his brothers arguing. About what? About the 10th prince’s birthday party. Apparently the crown prince wishes to plan the party for Yin’e, but Yin’e wants the party at Yin Si’s manor. What would Yin Zhen advise? Since it is to honor Yin’e, then shouldn’t they just do what the boy wants? This makes Yin’e happy. He then expressly asks to have Ce’fujin [Ruo Lan] be the planner. This immediately earns him teasing by his other brothers. It isn’t really Ruo Lan he wants to plan the party, but Ruo Xi, right? The other brother laugh and say that must be why Yin’e argued for so long about it. The embarrassed 10th prince points out that Ruo Xi would have fun idea and that he was just asking casually before leaving. Yin Zhen seems a bit unhappy with Yin’e’s interest in Ruo Xi. Is Mr. 4th Prince jealous all ready?

Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 2

Meanwhile, Ruo Xi sits at the foot of the stairs that she fell down. She is pondering Yin Zhen’s words to make the best of the situation. After careful consideration, Ruo Xi says it is no wonder that Yin Zhen is the future Great Qing’s emperor. She decides she will make the best of the situation. So no more trying to put herself in danger to send her lost soul back home. As she heads back to Ruo Lan’s, she notices the servants playing shuttlecock. Finally something she can do to amuse herself. She takes the toy and begins kicking it expertly, amazing the maids. Yin Si comes by at this moment and watches in amusement. When Ruo Xi almost falls backwards kicking the shuttlecock behind her, he easily catches it. Ruo Xi is immediately embarrassed. Ruo Xi and the maids bow and Yin Si tells them to be at ease and gives the toy back to Ruo Xi who scolds him for watching her quietly. Yin Si tells her it makes them even since he didn’t give her permission to watch him nap [so he knew she was staring at him all along].

Liu Shi Shi, Kevin Cheng

The two then go to see Ruo Lan and Ming Hui to discuss Yin’e’s party. As the Di’fujin, it should be Ming Hui planning the party. Yin Si says that Min Hui is all ready too busy with all the day to day chores of managing his household, plus Yin’e has requested Ruo Lan plan the party. This makes Ming Hui unhappy, but she concedes. Yin Si then tells Ruo Lan not to be worried as it is just a simple family affair. Ming Hui tells Ruo Lan to not insult the 8th prince’s name and takes her leave first. Before she goes, she asks when Yin Si will come to her place to eat. She gets a slap in the face [figuratively] when Yin Si announces he will eat at Ruo Lan’s instead. Ruo Lan does not act happy at all about this. She says she must leave to make preparations as she did not now he’d be eating with them.

Annie Liu, Kevin Cheng

While preparations are being prepared for dinner, Qiao Hui is lording over the servants so that they do not bully Ruo Lan and do things properly. Qiao Hui explains that if you are not favored, you do not have respect and the servants will mistreat and bully. Given her sister’s attitude, Ruo Xi knows that Ruo Lan will do nothing about it. Thus why Qiao Hui steps in. This is a great opportunity to show that Ruo Lan is indeed favored. After all, Bei’le [8th prince] obviously cares for his 2nd wife. Ruo Xi then promises her sister and Qiao Hui that they will not make Yin Si lose face and will throw a great party for Yin’e. Ruo Lan points out that Yin’e does not want her to plan the party, but rather Ruo Xi. Ruo Lan hints about feelings, but Ruo Xi waves this aside. There is no affection [beyond friendship or siblings] on her side for Yin’e. Ruo Lan drops the subject, but I wonder if she really believes her little sister.

Annie Liu, Liu Shi Shi

The next day Ruo Xi sits bored out of her mind by the water. She haphazardly picks up rocks from a pile behind her back and tosses them in the water complaining about her boredom. At this time, she notices a rabbit and cutely chases after it to relieve her boredom. While she is doing this, 8th, 10th, and 14th [Lin Geng Xin] princes are walking together and talking about her. Yin Ti has hear rumors of her beauty and how different she is. Yin’e and Yin Si can definitely attest to how different she is. At that moment, out runs Ruo Xi still chasing the rabbit. The amused trio of brothers run after her to find out what was going on. They introduce Ruo Xi to Yin Ti and then agree to help her find the rabbit. In the end, the catch not one, but two for the bored girl.

Bu Bu Jing Xin 2

Ruo Xi is sorry to the rabbits for having them caged. She knows that it is no fun to be caged up, but she cannot release them since the princes were so good as to get them for her. As she is feeding her new pets, a girl approaches. She immediately starts teasing Ruo Xi for falling and damaging her head. Ruo Xi ignores the girl which infuriates her. She must have really messed up her head not to know who the girl is. And who is the girl? None other than the little sister of Di’fujin Ming Hui, Ming Yu. Ruo Xi recalls the fall and what she heard about Ming Yu finding her. She pretty much has it figured out, but she decides to annoy Ming Yu further. The annoyed Ming Yu tries to take the rabbits, but Ruo Xi won’t give them up. Ming Hui comes at this time and scolds her little sister for fighting over such a matter.

Liu Yu Xin, Liu Shi Shi

The next day Ruo Xi gets Yin’e to go out walking with her and his loyal dog. This surprises Yin’e, but he is happy to accompany Ruo Xi and show of his pet. Ruo Xi then asks him about her sister being bullied. Yin’e pretends not to know, but when Ruo Xi scolds him for not being a good friend, he confesses that yes there is bullying, but he really cannot know the extend of it. He then complains about Ming Yu. Looks like he’s a little frightened of her. Ruo Xi spots Ming Yu playing with a net to catch butterflies and deliberately goes over to play with the dog there. Ruo Xi then takes the dog’s favorite toy and throws it straight into Ming Yu’s net. She then pretends to be scared and holds on to Yin’e while the dog goes chasing after the ball causing Ming Yu to fall, hurting her lip. Ruo Xi rushes over and the two girls start fighting with Yin’e in the middle. The poor boy receives all the blows the two girls meant for each other.

Ye Zu Xin

Afterward, Yin’e is howling in pain while Ruo Xi tries to keep him quiet. Qiao Hui comes in with boiled eggs, but Yin’e wants to see the royal physician. Ruo Xi stops him as she will get into big trouble and so will he if this gets out. So the servants are sworn to secrecy and Yin’e tells her that they don’t have to worry about Min Yi saying anything to her sister about what happened. Ruo Xi then takes the eggs and begins to gently rub the prince’s face. He hopes that the bruises will fade in time for his party or how will he be able to face his brothers?

Liu Shi Shi, Ye Zu Xin

Annie Liu, Liu Shi ShiYin’e’s birthday finally rolls around and Ruo Xi is going through all of her clothes looking for the perfect outfit. She finds them too plain. She then sees red cloth and settles on that. Quite the color for his birthday party. She does special make up and even does her hair differently. Ruo Lan praises her pretty sister and Ruo Xi turns the compliment back on Ruo Lan. At this time Ming Hui and Ming Yu show up complaining about the venue and how simple everything is. Ruo Lan says that Yin Si wanted a simple family affair. Ming Yu complains that the two girls don’t know anything at all. She then says that she and her sister are honest and don’t scheme. This is a far cry from the truth and Ruo Xi knows this [everyone knows this]. Ruo Xi stands up for Ruo Lan by saying her sister and the 8th prince are connected and Ruo Lan knows just what Yin Si wants. Ming Hui and Ming Yu do not like this at all. The princes then show up.

Shi Xiao Qun, Liu Yu Xin

Yin’e compliments Ming Yu’s beauty [probably to make up for what happened with the dog and to ensure she keeps her mouth closed]. The 12th prince, then notices Ruo Xi and accurately knows just who she is. 14th prince wishes to know how and 12th explains that he heard a beauty had come to Yin Si’s manor and looking around, Ruo Xi was the best one in the crowd. This miffed the already miffed Ming Hui and Ming Yu even more. Yin’e then approaches Ruo Xi and comments on her change of makeup and wardrobe. He then asks if all the party was her doing and he goes to Yin Si to praise her. Yin Si laughs and states that it was all Ruo Lan’s doing and Yin’e thanks his sister-in-law. The upset Di’fujin professes a headache and leaves. The boys then hear the news that the crown prince and 13th prince have been delayed. They start the festivities by having a drinking party.

Liu Shi Shi. Annie Liu, Ye Zu Xin

Ruo Xi , noticing the brothers’ happy camaraderie, becomes depressed. Why? As she knows about the battle for the throne and the ultimate, unhappy fates of the seemingly happy princes. Qiao Hui breaks her out of this and the two go back to Ruo Xi’s room for snacks. Once there, Qiao Hui warns Ruo Xi to be careful around Ming Yu. Didn’t she learn her lesson the first time? This strikes a cord in Ruo Xi. So her guess was right, she was pushed down the stairs by Ming Yu. She shoves a cake in Qiao Hui’s mouth and goes outside to eat her own when she sees the 4th prince across the way and that is where this episode leaves us.

Bu Bu Jing Xin 2

I really like how this drama is going. There is enough humor and cuteness and seriousness. The chemistry in the cast is amazing. I am definitely loving this drama and already loathing for the real-life melodrama that follows the 9-prince battle for the throne.

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