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Viz Manga

If you are a lover of manga, I highly recommend checking out VIZ MANGA‘s online services. If you have a tablet or an e-reader that allows apps, then it’s a great manga resource. Of course, all the titles available are VIZ titles…kind of a “duh” factor, but I do enjoy many of VIZ’s translated mangas. As a bonus, I do

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Drama Watching Apps Review

Looking for a great (legal) app to watch your favorite dramas? Here is a breakdown of a few apps. I am a proud owner of a Roku player, so I do the majority of my drama watching via that versus streaming dramas online. I also hate watching anything on a dinky cell screen and my tablet is a step up,

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Content Theft Prevention 101

Credit to Dramajjang's Kwon

In a previous post, I defined plagiarism and copyright infringement. I also let you know that you technically don’t need to have copyright statement on your blog to be protected under copyright law. I also gave a few links and tips. Well, I’m about to dive in deeper to show you some other tips and hints.

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