Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 3 Recap

Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 3

Liu Shi ShiWe open with the awkward scene of Yin Zhen and Ruo Xi staring across the way at one another. Then out steps Yin Si who notices his older brother’s and Ruo Xi’s exchange of looks. I wonder what Yin Si thinks of this? Is it possible that the cold, 4th prince is developing feelings for the fiery and strange Ruo Xi? The moment is broken with the arrival of Yin Xiang. The 13th prince informs 10th, 8th & 4th that the crown prince went back to his place to change before coming on to celebrate Yin’e’s birthday. As the brothers go up to the party, they all turn and notice Ruo Xi still standing silently across the way. Ruo Xi drops her eyes and the brothers go in, but not before both Yin Si and Yin Zhen cast another look in her direction.

Nicky Wu, Yuan Hong, Ye Zu Xin

Liu Shi ShiWhen the boys get back inside, Yin Xiang compliments Yin Si on his beautiful sister-in-law. Yin Si tells him to stop focusing on Ruo Xi as Yin’e has been desperately waiting to drink with him. Yin Zhen then says it looks like Yin Xiang is in trouble. The brothers all start laughing and teasing about their last drinking party and out comes the wine. The party commences and Ruo Xi sits bored and alone while the boys have fun drinking. Their good time is halted for awhile by the arrival of the crown prince who presents Yin’e with a very rare piece of jade that was gifted to the emperor by Burma. This is quite the big faux pas on the crown prince’s side. Why? That jade is not his to give. Yin Si and Yin Zhen step in to save Yin Reng and give him face. Finally understanding his predicament, Yin Reng laughs it off and agrees it was just a test for his younger brothers. He then promises Yin’e a fine new horse that he will pick out tomorrow.

Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 3

After the tense [and life-endangering] moment has passed, Yin Si calls for a servant to come over so that the crown prince can pick a play. Yin Reng refuses as it is Yin’e’s birthday, but Yin’e replies that he already chose one. When asked which one, Yin Reng decides to keep that play. Yin’e then rushes off to change his clothes. A this time, Ruo Xi asks Qiao Hui if everything is ready. When she gets the green light, Ruo Xi follows after the 10th prince. She finds him vomiting from his earlier drinking binge. When he is finished, she hands him her handkerchief and he warns her not to tell his brothers as he will lose face. He then asks if Ruo Xi followed him to humiliate him. Ruo Xi denies this and tells him she only wanted to give him his present. The cautious Yin’e holds up the pink handkerchief and wonders if that was her gift. Ruo Xi tells him that isn’t it and makes him close his eyes and follow her [well, she’s leading him].

Liu Shi Shi, Ye Zu Xin

The two bicker as they head off. Their relationship is so cute, but romantic chemistry? Not really there. Sure, our Yin’e likes Ruo Xi, but it’s more like a cute, young puppy love that will never go anywhere. They finally reach a pavilion where there hangs lanterns and a thousand paper cranes of various colors. That is Ruo Xi’s gift to Yin’e. The young prince is amazed and happy by the present. He is confused, though, when Ruo Xi sings the birthday song [which definitely wasn’t around 300 years ago in the Qing dynasty]. Nonetheless, he is very happy. His happiness is dampened with the arrival of the 13th & 14th princes. Now, I am pretty sure that their numbers correspond with birth order, so why is it that the 10th prince seems so much younger than the other princes? Yin Xiang and Yin Ti immediately tease Yin’e about the scenery and say that they will stay to enjoy it. Ruo Xi then takes her leave and the two brothers stop Yin’e from chasing after her.

Liu Shi Shi, Ye Zu XinYe Zu Xin, Yuan Hong, Lin Geng Xin

On her way back to the party, Ruo Xi has the misfortune of crossing paths with Ming Yu. When Ming Yu mouths off and insults Ruo Lan, Ruo Xi starts fighting. The two girls start duking it out. The princes come and try to stop them, but both Ming Yu and Ruo Xi end up going into a pond. Yin Xiang and Yin Ti quickly jump in after them, pulling the girls to safety while the other princes and servants come running. When Ming Yu starts bawling, Ruo Xi gets annoyed and shocks everyone by telling the other girl to stop. Ruo Xi’s firmness and command surprises everyone and gets Ming Yu to whimper a little instead of cry. Their fight scene was so funny and cute. The fight broken up, the people slowly return to the festivities. Ming Yu is escorted back to her quarters and when Ruo Xi tries to talk to Ruo Lan, her sister ignores her! Looks like Ruo Lan is mad at her sister’s unseemly display.

Li Yu Xin, Liu Shi ShiLiu Shi Shi

The next day, Ruo Lan is still giving her sister the cold shoulder which greatly upsets Ruo Xi. The dispirited young girl hides out behind a rock where Yin’e and Yin Ti find her. They tell her that news of the battle has already spread and Ruo Xi has become the infamous death-seeking 13th sister. For anybody confused by this, the 13 prince Yin Xiang is known as the death-seeking 13th prince for his devil-may-care attitude and manners. Apparently Ruo Xi is being equated as the female version of him. Well, she is quite the girl for the times. After this bad news is delivered, Ruo Xi is called in to meet with Yin Si. Afraid, the brothers agree to go with Ruo Xi to speak on her behalf.

Liu Shi Shi, Ye Zu Xin, Lin Geng Xin

Oddly enough, Ruo Xi doesn’t get a scolding by Yin Si. Instead, she is made to stand while the boys have a discussion on political matters. Well, that standing was the punishment. Standing all day long without being able to sit. When dusk falls, Yin Si breaks up the conversation and the two princes are allowed to leave first. Yin Si then stands face to face with Ruo Xi and wonders where her bravado went from the day before. He asks her to look up and Ruo Xi is startled by how close he is. She is also surprised when he doesn’t yell or do anything else to her, but urges her back home. Ruo Xi is surprised, but not unhappy to have escaped relatively unscathed. When Ruo Xi leaves, she meets up with 14th and 10th princes and complains about them not helping her. She then starts crying, but it is all a ruse that Yin’e falls for. When he becomes worried, both Ruo Xi and Yin Ti burst out laughing. Yin Ti says he knew she would be all right, so there was no need to intervene.

Kevin Cheng, Ye Zu Xin, Lin Geng Xin, Liu Shi ShiYe Zu Xin, Liu Shi Shi

When the sore and tired Ruo Xi returns, Ruo Lan calls to have dinner made, but in comes a servant from Yin Si who has brought dinner. Ruo Lan then ignores Ruo Xi once more, but not until after giving instructions to have her baby sister cared for properly. Ruo Xi is upset that she still hasn’t made up with Ruo Lan. So the next day she seeks out Yin Si for his advice. He is with 10th, 9th [and one more I can’t quite recognize, maybe the 12th]. He tells Ruo Xi that she must be the one to fix what is broken. The dispirited girl leaves and the brothers sit down to talk. Ruo Xi decides that since she cannot talk to Ruo Lan, she will use her sister’s emotions. Ruo Xi starts crying and tells her sister that she can’t stand it if she is cold to her as she views Ruo Lan as basically her only family, the only one to care for her after their mother died. Definitely the right method. This melts Ruo Lan’s heart. Ruo Lan then cautions Ruo Xi to change her ways as she could easily lose her life. Ruo Xi admits she was wrong and that she will try her best to stop being so reckless.

Annie Liu, Liu Shi Shi

The next day, Ruo Xi helps hang lanterns and almost falls off the ladder. Ruo Lan sees this and is not happy to see that her sister still hasn’t changed her reckless ways. Ruo Lan then tells Ruo Xi that her presence is requested at the mid-autumn festival. Apparently even the Emperor Kang Xi has heard the rumors about her and wants to meet her. The emperor’s attention can be a double-edged sword. Ruo Xi is not happy about this, especially as she learns she can’t stay at home since it was a royal edict. Thus begins training so that Ruo Xi will not dishonor the family nor enrage the emperor. These lessons are hard for the modern girl and she gets the basic manners wrong which worries Ruo Lan.

Liu Shi Shi

The mid-autumn festival arrives and after the formal greeting, Kang Xi calls out Ruo Xi. The frightened girl goes up and manages to give the proper greeting. When the emperor starts questioning if she is afraid of him, Ruo Xi tries to figure out the right answer that won’t insult him. A good ruler doesn’t wish to be feared, but loved, so Ruo Xi tells him she isn’t afraid, but in awe as everything inside the palace is so grand and he is a great king. Kang Xi asks how he is great and Ruo Xi can only think of things that hadn’t happened [or maybe events whose affects can’t be notices until much later, not sure which]. She then quickly comes up with a poem and immediately drops to the ground at Kang Xi’s exclamation. But the man is not enraged, he is laughing. Then up comes 13th prince to pick Ruo Xi up off the ground. She is teased that her title of 13th death-seeking sister will have to be revoked by seeing her quake before the emperor.

Liu Shi Shi, Yuan Hong

The feast then commences and it is brought up that Yin’e is the same age that 9th prince was when he took his first wife. Thus Kang Xi determines that his 10th son must also soon be wed. And who does Kang Xi want Yin’e to marry? None other than Ming Yu! The brothers’ shock at this shows how unhappy they were with the news. Ming Yu, as it means increased status, is happy with the announcement while Yin’e is in despair. He asks if he cannot have a Ce’fujin first like his brother Yin Si [so 8th prince married Ruo Lan first, then Ming Hui]. This request is denied. Yin’e’s brothers quickly cover for him and get him to accept the edict. Ruo Lan is shocked and unhappy. Not because she wanted to marry Yin’e, but because even the prince had no say in who he married.

Liu Yu Xin, Ye Zu Xin

When the feast is over and Ruo Xi, Ruo Lan, and Yin Si get back to the 8th prince’s manor, Ruo Xi collapses! Yin Si quickly scoops her up before she can hit the ground and Ruo Lan rushes over wondering what is wrong. Yin Si puts Ruo Xi to bed and tells his wife not to worry as her little sister is strong. And that’s where this episode ends, folks.

Liu Shi Shi, Kevin Cheing, Annie Liu

Still loving this. Hope you are enjoying it, too.


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