Devil Lover Episode 3 Recap

Always a complex drama. I think it will take awhile before all our puzzle pieces start coming together. Now that we are adding Pie’s parents into the mix, things are just getting more complicated…oh and let’s not forget that Kirin (remember he’s Pie’s bestie) is taking a shine to Momoko (who has a crush on Sora after watching over him

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Christmas Countdown 2016 Day 5

Kwon Yool

It’s the penultimate day before Christmas…and by that I mean Christmas Eve, lol. Time for some more mandopop, isn’t it? Mr., I believe originate from Hong Kong, but they have music in Mandarin. What better gift to you than a sweet Christmas song from a rock band? Well…I’m not sure the ballad is a happy one, lol, but his voice

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Christmas Countdown 2016 Day 4

Merry Christmas!

How about some pretty Japanese music from an actual Japanese artist as we continue our journey to Christmas? Kalafina is an awesome group. I own quite a few of their albums and highly recommend them. I have a tendency to like male vocalists or groups over females, totally guilty. Kalafina is one of the girl groups I absolutely adore. To

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