Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 7

The kpop world is filled with sad stories, horror stories, and groups that never made it to debut. If I am remembering correctly, Target was originally set to debut but were let go or their original company failed. They then struggled together as a group to find a new company and debut together as planned…which they did in 2018.

These boys are seriously talented. Hopefully you will enjoy their music, too. This song was released in 2019, but I didn’t listen to a whole lot of new songs in 2019 for some odd reason. The song is “Baby Come Back Home.” It think its very catchy.

2020 is nearly over with, it doesn’t seem possible in many ways. I haven’t been inside my office since the stay at home order was issued in Michigan near the end of March. The order was originally lifted back in June, but my boss and his wife has insisted that we are not allowed back into the office for the rest of the year (it is their house, so I can’t blame them there). I have visited the office a few times to pick up my paycheck after the US mail got unreliable, though. Oh… the mail woes I have been going through lately…so awful.

What happened in 2020? I adopted a kitten. It’s an orange short hair named Jonesy. I stayed home…a lot. And I started to develop my own recipes. Yes, I even measured out the ingredients and made things a few times and put a few of my creations on my other blog. And now that the year is almost over…I have a puppy. I thought one crazy kitty would be enough for the family, but my grandfather fell in love with my aunt’s dachshund and now we have his offspring. It’s a feisty 8-week old baby who is quite a handful.

I watched a lot of dramas this year…I didn’t finish nearly all that many mind you, but I did watch quite a lot. I got back into Asian music again this year, mainly kpop. I have this weird aversion to things that are super popular so I avoid them. Like…I liked BTS before they became super popular and while I still like BTS…I don’t watch or listen to them much anymore. Since Korean dramas are super popular…I don’t watch nearly as many of them as I used to. When Harry Potter was popular, I avoided it for the longest of times before actually picking it up and reading it. I am weird. Does that happen to any one else?

I don’t know what 2021 will bring, but hopefully it will be much better for all of you. I was blessed this year that no one I loved got sick, passed away, or lost their jobs.

I wish you all the best and safest holiday season and blessings for a better new year. And stay tuned…something is coming that NeeNee hasn’t done in a LONG time starting tomorrow. Can you guess what it is?

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