Unmei ni, Nita Koi Episode 1 Recap

The summer when Sakurai Kasumi was in middle school, her mother passed away. She was despondent and contemplated suicide until she met a remarkable little boy and the neighborhood dog. The two instantly bonded, but were forced apart when Kasumi’s father and stepmother came to take her back to live with them. Kasumi gave the boy a precious hairpin made

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Thai Drama Review: Ngao Asoke 2008

Dramaland is known for remakes and spinoffs and dramas inspired by other dramas (unofficial versions, etc.) and I swear no other drama market explodes with remakes like Thailand. Ngao Asoke [Ngao means shadow and Asoke is a type of flowering tree whose blossom is supposed to symbolize happiness] was originally done in 1999, remade in 2008, and then again in

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Announcing KCON.TV


So apparently NeeNee has been living under a rock and missed out that KCON.TV launched last year during the July KCON in LA by CJ E&M. They bring short clips, behind the scenes, original content, original series, and livestreams for international fans of Korean entertainment. Oh…and they have subtitles! Not for every clip it looks like, but videos with subs

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Netflix Asian Drama Streaming Updates from January/February/March 2017

Overdue. Long overdue. I know. Life just sucks more often than you would like. So let’s get onto the Asian dramas that Netflix has added to its streaming library in late January, February, and March. Believe it or not, it takes hours to maintain this list! Full list available here: /lists/asian-dramas-streaming-on-netflix/. DramaFever and some more Viki announcements coming soon.

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