Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 6

Oh…Xiao Zhan. This poor man. I feel so sorry for him and everything he’s had to go through. It was a struggle for him to become an idol and then become an actor and when he’s finally achieved some success all that hate and backlash that comes to him. A reason why being famous is truly a double edged sword and a reason I would probably never attempt a career in anything like that…and the lack of talent helps there, too, of course. Wishing only the best for this smiling man.

He participated in a program called Our Song where singers would pair up together and sing duets and compete against other star pairs. His one duet with Angela Zhang was really good, too, where they took on a mashup of two English songs, but this is one of my favorites and was his first official performance when they were competing. This is Xiao Zhan and Na Ying singing “Falling In Love With You Is In Love with Loneliness.”

I really love Xiao Zhan’s voice and the emotion is really able to inject into his singing. His songs always sound so sincere. I remember he and Yibo talking about how their favorite love songs are all sad love songs…but he can sing them so well!


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