Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 3

Let’s take a break from Korean music and venture into Thailand. Thai drama Dark Blue Kiss aired in 2019, it’s true, but I think I first listened to this song in 2020 because I did NOT watch this series at all. I really need to finish the entire Kiss series one of these days. I heard some good things about this boys love drama. I know people were shipping Sun and Mork and not just Pete and Kao. I don’t think I have actually watched a drama featuring AJ and have only ever watched JJ’s dramas. When will JJ get a leading role?

I love Tay and New and am happy I got to discover Fluke (Gawin Caskey) thanks to Dark Blue Kiss…er his musical talents anyway. His first ever drama was actually Kiss Me Again. Fluke contributed this lovely song to the Dark Blue Kiss OST. Enjoy!

Isn’t it a great song? I am not certain about the title…it may be “The Last Kiss for You Alone” but don’t quote me on that. In the MV you get to see his love line with Pod who played Sun. And if you are interested in seeing more of Pod, you can watch him and Khaotung in the currently airing Tonhon Chonlatee. You can see Fluke in the upcoming 2021 drama Enchante. Which is another BL drama.

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