New to Netflix Updated & A Quick Question!

So, I decided that for each month, I will just do a single Master Post. It will feature what new dramas are slated for release that month and the dramas that I didn’t know where coming that were recently added. I will always pin the recent month’s to the top of the page.

April 2019 Asian Dramas and Movies Streaming on Netflix has been updated! So don’t forget to check back every week for the latest updates!

I am debating keeping the list of Asian dramas on Amazon Prime. With the Asian movies, the subtitles are professional and I can’t complain with formatting. With the dramas…not so much. Granted, I have not tried out much. Mainly, I started watching You Colored My World and OMG! The English subtitles are not formatted at all for readability and I discovered they are exact replicas of the fansubs on YouTube. Now, I heartily thank fansubbers and many do produce professional-quality subs without any compensation. BUT…not all subtitles are great quality and I can say that about this Chinese drama. It makes things mostly understandable, but gets complicated since you have entire giant paragraphs of conversations that are untimed and you have no idea whose dialogue is what.

Has any of you tried watching other Asian dramas on Amazon Prime? What is your subtitle experience like? Would it be worth keeping this page updated? I also note that its been six or more months and new episodes are still not added, so that really makes me wonder just what is going on with Amazon and streaming this dramas.


  • Amazon Prime doesn’t offer enough for me to pay for it. I guess it would be worth for other services but I don’t order enough from Amazon either.

  • I have only watched a couple on prime, and the subtitles, though mostly good, were hit and miss per episode lol. The main reason I don’t watch so much there however is because I find their search functions to be inadequate. I’ve only watched something because I knew it was already there, in which case I would love having a list if you are up for it.

  • I have watched a few Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime and the subs were fine. It might help to turn on closed captioning (on top of the subs) for better legibility.

    As for availability of content, I’ve not seen that much that I’m keen on, but the number of offerings is increasing lately. If you’re up for it, an index would be a service, but you might want to wait to see what kind of future-going commitment Amazon makes to Asian content.

    • Yes, I believe the Japanese dramas were fine. I think it’s mainly the Chinese that have issues. I haven’t tried any of the Korean dramas yet.

  • When will we get,more,George He movies?
    He is so hot!!! Plus he is,such a good actor.

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