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Saying Goodbye

Park Sun Young

Yes. I was going to try to keep things going for as long as possible, but it’s hard. Being an adult, being a caretaker to a grandparent, working a job where I am in front of a screen more than I am not, really makes it hard to watch dramas and blog about them. I would sincerely love to keep

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Summer/Fall 2017 Recap Schedule

Topp Dogg

As you may have noticed, NeeNee is back in action! Recapping action, that is. I will definitely keep up on my streaming updates posts as well. YouTube posts take longer as that requires digging and confirming of legit subtitles and the legality of the source. Again, you can always drop me a line about a drama or channel that you

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Mandopop Madness Recommendations

Weibird - Journey Into the Night

Remember in August I did a giveaway for music? Yeah. Fast forward to November and I finally got around to completing the promised playlists. Yes, I am soooo bad. Below is the playlist won by lynette31. I had to make some adjustments because songs that were once available via iTunes went “poof” so you’ll get to see the original choice

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August Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

Golf Mike

It’s the last official giveaway week of August already? Up for grabs is Thai music! If you’re not interested in Thai music, I can be persuaded to do a mix tap containing Japanese, Korean, and/or Chinese/Taiwanese music. I was thinking of devoting a tape to Korean indie music at one time. But…Thai music is pretty awesome, so I hope someone

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