Coming Soon to Netflix: April 2019

Annyeonghaseyo, modu. I know it has been awhile. The end of last year and beginning of this year did not go well and I will probably be stressed with job hunting shortly with how things have been going at work. The joys of life, I suppose, but that is the reason for the long silence.

These are the announcements for Asian dramas, movies, and anime coming out at the end of this month through April. Some have links available already, some do not. Note that sometimes Netflix announces something with a date, but for whatever reason things don’t come out as planned. As always, I am US-based, so I cannot guarantee that your country’s Netflix will have the same titles at the same time.

As always, access the full list of dramas streaming on Netflix here:

March 25

  • The Eagle of El-Se’eed Season 1 – Mohamed Ramadan, Sayed Rajab, Dorra Zarrouk star in this tale about a drug lord and police officer becoming embroiled in a cycle of revenge.

March 27

  • Danur: I can See Ghosts – this Indonesian horror flick is adapted from a best-selling novel and shows Risa befriending ghosts until an evil spirit tries to take her sister to the other side.

March 28

  • Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Season 2 – If you enjoyed the first season of seven men and women boarding a pink bus to travel around Asia and look for love, you should enjoy this.

March 29

  • 15 August – On India’s independence day a zany mishap disrupts a young love and compels residents to unite to ad a little boy.

April 1

  • 706 – In this Bollywood horror film, a psychiatrist treats a patient with a bizarre medical condition to find her missing doctor husband.
  • The Calling Season 1 – In this Indian reality show, food-crazed travel junkies journey across India competing bucket list challenges to win a once-in-a-lifetime scholarship.
  • Jagat – This gritty Malaysian film is set in the early 1990s and focuses on a Tamilian boy whose father is pressuring him to focus on school while finding himself drawn to his uncles lives of crime.
  • The Legend of Michael Mishra – This Bollywood movie follows a notorious kidnapper as he tries to turn over a new leaf to woo the woman he loves.
  • Love O2O The Movie – This Chinese movie gives you the abbreviated version of Xiao Nai and Bei Wei Wei’s romance and stars Jing Boran as Xiao Nai and Angelababy as Bei Wei Wei. I really did enjoy the movie version (which came out just before the series started airing).
  • Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua Season 1 – Comedian Mallika Dua serves up laughs and meals with her celebrity friends as they discuss diets and their lives.
  • Pinky Memsaab – A guileless young woman becomes a domestic worker for a wealthy Dubai household, bonding with her posh employer changing both their lives.
  • Ultraman Season 1 – This new anime will feature the son of the original Ultraman stepping into his father’s shoes to protect Earth from a new threat.

April 3

  • Possessed (OCN) – This 2019 kdrama follows a lazy and rough detective with excellent instincts who joins forces with a psychic who tries to hide her powers from others to solve cases.

April 5

  • Lupt [India, 2018] – A workaholic often sees strange faces and is told to take some time off. He goes on vacation with his family only to have a detour lead to an unsettling stranger and chilling evens.
  • Persona Collection 1 – Not to be confused with the anime of the same name, this is a four story collection featuring different personas by critically acclaimed South Korean directors. IU, Bae Doo Na, and Park Hae Soo star.

April 8

  • The Great Battle [South Korea, 2018] – Recounting the siege of Ansi Fortress and the 8-day battle Yang Man Chun and his Goguryeo troops fought against an invading army of 500,000 Tang Dynasty soldiers.

April 12

  • Buffalo Boys [Indonesia, 2019] – This fusion Western and martial arts film focuses on two brothers who come back to the land of Java to avenge their sultan father after years of exile in America.
  • A Land Imagined [Singapore, 2018] – A cop investigates the disappearance of a Chinese immigrant who spent nights playing a mysterious video game.
  • Mighty Little Bheem Season 1 [India, Anime]

April 15

  • Bollywood Calling [India, 2001] – A down-and-out Hollywood actor is unprepared for the eccentricities that await him when an Indian producer offers him a role in a Bollywood film.

April 18

  • My First First Love (Because It’s My First Love) [South Korea, 2019] – Five 20 year-olds leave home for differing reasons and move in together. Friendship and love abound. What will happen?

April 19

  • Music Teacher [India, 2019] – A small-town music teacher must come to terms with his guilt and regret when a student returns with the fame he always aspired to.
  • Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 1 [Japan, Anime]

April 22

April 25

  • Aurora [Philippines, 2018] – This horror film follows Leana who lives peacefully on an island with her younger sister Rita. Their lives are changed when a ship called Aurora crashes in their vicinity.

April 29

  • Burning [South Korea, 2018] – Based on the short story “Barn Burning” by Murakami Haruki. Jung Soo runs into Hae Mi, a girl who used to live in his neighborhood. He agrees to watch her cat while she’s away. When she returns, she comes with a man named Ben she bonded with on the trip. Ben has a very strange hobby.

April 30

  • BAKI: Part 2 [Japan, Anime]
  • A Home with a View [Hong Kong] – When their view of the city is blocked by a billboard, a family comes up with drastic, imaginative ways to take it down.
  • Angel ‘N’ Devil [Taiwan, 2014] – The 7th drama in the famous K.O. series, this spin-off follows a group of high school girls who happen to be the Copper Dimension’s last defense against the dark forces.
  • K.O.3an Guo [Taiwan, 2009-10] – The 3rd installment in the K.O. series. This has a strong story link to the Three Kingdoms. When Guan Yu and Zhang Fei get kicked out from their 24th school, they thought their luck had turned around when they became sworn brothers with Liu Bei, but when he is injured his look alike must step in and the three navigate a school full of death traps and hostile invasions.
  • KO One Return [Taiwan, 2012] – Wang Dadong is accidentally sent to the future thanks to a time quake. There he meets the new leader of the KO One, King.
  • KO One Re-act [Taiwan, 2013] – Now 28-years-old and a guardian of space-time order, Wang Dadong [Jiro Wang] returns to Bale High School to investigate an anomaly and clashes with new school leader King [Pets Tseng].
  • Hong Kong West Side Stories Season 1 – A group of young men and women from Hong Kong are loosely linked by loosely connected stories about love, lust, separation, & deceit.
  • Ingress: The Animation Season 1 [Japan, Anime] – When scientists discover a substance that can control human minds, two factions wage a battle for its power.

Recently Added Movies

  • The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin [Philippines, 2014] – Celebrity Benjie is tasked with taking care of a general’s young son who has information about a looming terrorist threat.
  • Ang Tanging Ina [Philippines, 2013] – Total side note, Ina is what I call my Filipino stepmother. Anywho, this film follows a single mother who is left to raise twelve children after the untimely demise of not one, but three husbands.
  • Caregiver [Philippines, 2008] – A woman leaves her son in the Philippines to join her husband in London where she struggles personally and professionally with her job as an in-home caregiver.
  • CRD [India, 2016] – Against his instructor’s radical methods, an acting student creates his one troupe of misfits for a prestigious competition.
  • Ek Khiladi Ek Hassena [India, 2005] – A grifter assembles a band of fellow swindlers to attempt a big scam to help pay back his debt to a gangster, but in a den of thieves there is no one to trust.
  • Everyday I Love You [Philippines, 2015] – A young woman finds herself falling for a caring and successful man as she awaits her boyfriend to come out of a coma.
  • Everything About Her [Philippines, 2016] – A real estate tycoon is diagnosed with cancer and hires a medical care taker who helps her mend fences with her estranged son.
  • Finally Found Someone [Philippines, 2017] – A woman hires a PR expert to help fix her matter of being left at the alter only to have the PR man fall in love with her.
  • Fireflies [India, 2013] – Two brothers coming to terms with love and loss must face an unresolved past trauma when their paths unexpectedly cross.
  • Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi [India, 2003] – In the politically charged 1970s, three friends are transformed by personal ideologies, dangers ambitions, and matters of the heart.
  • I Am [India, 2010] – This quartet of stories focuses on four individuals struggling with identities amid social taboos, trauma, and brutal sexual discrimination.
  • Jhankaar Beats [India, 2003] – Three men bond over their love for music as they deal with family, work, and love issues. They dream of winning a coveted music competition.
  • Kid Kulafu [Philippines, 2015] – This biopic film follows the early years of world-famous boxer Manny Pacquiao as he makes his way out from poverty and political turmoil in the ring.
  • The Love Affair [Philippines, 2015] – Vince and Adrianne struggle to come to terms and forgive their partners’ infidelities while finding comfort with each other.
  • A Love Story [Philippines, 2007] – Ian is a self-made millionaire who thinks he has it all when he marries the caring Joanna, but he’s put to the test when he meets stewardess Karyn.
  • Mumbai Matinee [India, 2003] – A 32-year-old frustrated advertising agent who is still a virgin gets the shock of his life when a chain of events turns him into a porn star.
  • No Other Woman [Philippines, 2011] – A happily married man gives into a wealthy client’s seduction creating a torrid love triangle.
  • Oversize Cops [Thailand, 2017] – This Thai film follows a gain of overweight police officers as they undergo rigorous training to lose weight while investigating a bank robbery.
  • Seven Sundays [Philippines, 2017] – A family is forced to confront their issues when a dying father requests his children spend their Sundays with him.
  • Shabd [India, 2005] – A writer seeks inspiration for his next novel by encouraging his wife to have an affair. Soon the line between his story and real life blurs.
  • Shortcut Safaari [India, 2016] – Kids from the city learn valuable life lessons when they get lost in the forest during a school field trip.
  • Sisterakas [Philippines, 2012] – Half siblings separated by family conflicts reunite as adults, but one has a hidden vendetta.
  • Starting Over Again [Philippines, 2014] – Can two people find a second chance at love after bumping into each other years after their breakup?
  • Suko6 (The Wedding Curse) [Philippines, 2006] – When two weddings are marred by tragedies, the brides begin to believe they’ve been cursed by an old cultural superstition.
  • The Super Parental Guardians [Philippines, 2016] – When his best friend dies, Arci takes charge of her two children with help from their gang-affiliated uncle.
  • That Thing Called Tadhana [Philippines, 2015] – After a devastating breakup with her boyfriend, Mace finds a new beginning with an adventurous, kind stranger.
  • The Third Party [Philippines, 2016] – An aspiring fashion designer is shocked to reunite with her ex-boyfriend and find him in a relationship with another man.
  • The Unmarried Wife [Philippines, 2016] – A woman starts a passionate new relationship while still wondering if she should give her cheating husband another chance.
  • Verses of Love [Indonesia, 2008] – A charming and congenial university student struggles in a four-way love triangle.
  • Vince & Kath & James [Philippines, 2016] – A complicated teen love story. James like Kath who likes Var who is really Vince who pretends to be James…

Recently Added Dramas

  • Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence [Thailand, 2018] – An eclectic group of characters find romance in Bangkok’s glittering Silom district.
  • Bangkok Love Stories: Hey You! [Thailand, 2018] – A loving couple becomes restaurant rivals after their breakup when they disagree over the direction of their dreams.
  • Beauty and the Bitches Seasons 1-2 [Thailand, 2014 & 2016] – Follow the beauty and intrigue behind the scenes of a beauty pageant as contestants from all over Thailand gather. Native title is Songkram Nang Ngarm. This stars Son Songpaisarn and Jespipat Tilapornputt, two Thai actors I love!
  • Club Friday the Series Season 6 [Thailand, 2015]
  • Delhi Crime [India, 2019] – Based on the 2012 Nirbhaya case, a detective leads a painstaking search for the culprits of a gang rape.
  • KO One [Taiwan, 2005] – The original series in the KO universe, this show follows a class of rowdy misfits with special powers as they navigate through high school, romance, and fighting evil. Stars the former members of Taiwanese idol group Fahrenheit.
  • A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi) [South Korea, 2017]
  • Lovey Dovey [Thailand, 2016] – Age differences become too big to ignore when two brothers fall for two sisters.
  • My Dear Boy [Taiwan, 2017] – The lovely Ruby Lin stars as a heartbroken and pessimistic director who meets a young artist and teaches him about love while he helps her heal her past wounds.
  • My Husband Won’t Fit [Japan, 2019] – Nakamura Aoi and Ishibashi Natsumi star as college sweethearts whose happy marriage is tested over time when unusual problems crop up.
  • The Outsiders [Taiwan, 2004] – This popular Taiwanese drama that helped launch Ady An to popularity follows a trio of delinquent brothers as they fend of neighborhood rivals. This drama also stars Dylan Kuo and Blue Lan.
  • RIMBA Racer [Malaysia, Anime] – A street smart racing prodigy is invited to participate in the world’s most prestigious racing competition.


  • I am adding several shows to my list but I think I am on drama slump. I want to watch but no desire of watching it… I am on Game of Thrones marathon, it could be why I am not into dramas. But how funny is “My Husband Won’t Fit” title? Got me giggling!

    • And the preview for it to boot! It may be interesting to see how they handle sex vs. love with that married couple. It’s been awhile since I saw Nakamura in a lead role.

  • I couldn’t wait to see Korean film Burning. I love Yoo Ah in and the film got rave reviews by the critics. I paid to watch on Amazon (or maybe it was Google Play?) — either way I was soooo very, very disappointed.

    So now I’m waiting for Yoo Ah in’s other movie, Default, to come out.

    As always, thank you, NeeNee for taking the time to publish this list.

    • I get excited sometimes for plots and actors and you hear good things and then major disappointment follows when I finally get to watch it.

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