Viz Manga

If you are a lover of manga, I highly recommend checking out VIZ MANGA‘s online services. If you have a tablet or an e-reader that allows apps, then it’s a great manga resource. Of course, all the titles available are VIZ titles…kind of a “duh” factor, but I do enjoy many of VIZ’s translated mangas. As a bonus, I do believe you can actually gift their electronic titles! So what to give the manga lover in your life that is running out of shelf space and is tech savvy…or doesn’t mind reading on a tablet/PC/laptop? Digital manga. You can even get a digital subscription to Weekly Shonen Jump and get the latest chapters of ongoing manga that way.

I’m plugging this now especially since I love the Manga Bundles VIZ currently has on sale. Let me tell you…not that you need me to…but if you’re an avid manga reader and love collecting, it’s a super expensive hobby. In paperback form, lots of manga are $9.99 plus applicable sales tax. Lots of manga series can go into the double digits…thus you’re shelling out some serious dough. That’s why I love manga bundles. They are now doing bundling with paperbacks of more popular titles (Bleach, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Sailor Moon, etc.) and that does save you money, but you can see far more awesome savings by waiting like an impatient Grell Kitty for digital bundles!

Right now VIZ has Hana Yori Dango aka Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio on sale! You can get part of the series or the whole series, plus an extra title, for an insane price! Right now the whole series is going for only $74. If you were to buy the whole series in paperback at full price, that’s $369.63 plus tax (36 volumes + the special issue). So, isn’t that a great deal? And, yes, I’m totally guilty of buying that bundle to read on my Nook HD+ which is an excellent ereader for manga and isn’t made any more. Of course, you can always buy the Samsung Nook Galaxy Tab or whatever it’s called. Good screen real estate for manga.

Current bundles (and these change all of the time) are YuYu Hakusho (also a popular anime, by the way), Red River (a good, yet long series with lots of melodrama), Chibi Vampire, Dengeki Daisy (an interesting series), and Library Wars.

I’m waiting for some good Bleach bundles. My friend from high school got me loving that manga, but, again, insanely long and insanely expensive. I’ve bought the first several volumes of Skip Beat and Ouran High School Host Club in bundles as well. This way my grandfather can’t complain about my library. He thinks its too big. He’s probably right. I don’t have enough space for my books…manga or otherwise.

You can get emanga from the Nook store, the Kindle store, and other ereading stores, but you can only buy by the single volume – sometimes at discounted prices. That’s why VIZ is really cool to me. Do you have any other ways you get digital manga?


  • That is a great deal on Boys Over Flowers! The only thing is I probably wont make it in time to take advantage of that discount. I’ll probably end up buying it at full retail price. Oh, well. If only discount periods lasted longer. I seriously hope someone else takes advantage of this. Go VIZ e-Manga bundles!

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how long this bundle will last. If you sign up for VIZ updates, they’ll let you know when the current bundles will be gone. As they cycle through bundles, if you miss this opportunity, I’m sure if you’re patient something like it will come around again.

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