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Viz Manga

If you are a lover of manga, I highly recommend checking out VIZ MANGA‘s online services. If you have a tablet or an e-reader that allows apps, then it’s a great manga resource. Of course, all the titles available are VIZ titles…kind of a “duh” factor, but I do enjoy many of VIZ’s translated mangas. As a bonus, I do

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June Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

Sailor Moon

This is going to get confusing to be sure as I’m going to talk about two giveaways here. First things first, congratulations to Faryna for winning the complete set of the manhwa Model by Lee So-young. It really is a great series that I enjoy rereading from time to time. I have been very vocal about Sailor Moon being one

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June Anniversary Giveaway Week #3

Model korean manga series

Where has June gone? It’s officially half over with. The end of June also signifies that the 5-year anniversary celebration is nearly half over with, too. The winner of last week’s giveaway has been notified (congratulations Phantom18!) and it is time to move on to week 3’s giveaway. This time I’m actually giving away books. Which manga series? The complete

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June Anniversary Giveaway Week #2

Usui and Misaki

The winner of Sebastian’s watch has been notified (congrats 123bunny!). Time to move on to the next giveaway for the month of June. Manga. Manga. Manga. It’s really hard to find exactly what I would love to gift to other people. One of the unfortunate things about anime, manga…heck even music and dramas is that a lot of it is

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June Anniversary Giveaway Week #1

Matsushita Yuya, Nishii Yukito

Happy June! The anime giveaway is officially over and congratulations to our final winner avellend581! Howl’s Moving Castle is now yours! Such a wonderful movie. If you entered the anime giveaway, but did not win a prize, you are automatically entered to win the 1-year Crunchyroll subscription that will be given away at the end of this month!

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I read two manga!

cover 3

Hello! This is Chani! So in my infinite business as of late I have managed to find the time to read two full manga packaged into those big “omnibus” books that they make now that have two or three volumes in them. Actually, what happened was that when Border’s Books and Music was going out of business in the summer

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