5 Year Blogaversary

I can’t believe it’s been officially five years blogging as of today. I had all these big ideas about how I wanted to celebrate such a special milestone…that didn’t happen. I will be doing something special, but at this time, I just can’t put much into celebrating on the actual anniversary itself, but do expect that in the coming months I will be doing something to celebrate with all of you.

Here’s a fact that I’m rather proud of, although at times it really seems not enough, but as of this fifth year anniversary, a grand total of 40 dramas have been completely recapped and 13 movies. Plus, there have been about 33 dramas reviewed and 8 movies reviewed. And I can’t even tell you how many music posts have been done. There have even been several anime reviews/recaps thanks to nichan and Chani-chan. The latter even contributed some game reviews/recaps of the Zelda series.

So…five years. That’s a golden anniversary in the likes of Hollywood marriages and it’s a pretty hefty anniversary in the blogging world. Let’s face it, Asian drama blogs are a dime a dozen. Tons are started, and some of my favorites have gone by the wayside after only a year or more (or less). Real life always has a way of kibbutzing motivation or maybe your romance with the genre has faded over the years. I’m proud that AAA has made it five years. It’s survived me working two jobs, two database crashes, and moving hosts twice.

This site has gone from getting zero hits and zero comments to getting an average of 1,000-2,000 hits a day. Comments…well, it doesn’t get a whole lot of those at times, but I’ve made some great drama and blogging buddies along the way. This site is my baby, my monster, something that brings happiness and a lot of regret. I always regret that I haven’t done more than I’ve done and that I’m horrible at starting anything and seeing it to the finish. You only need to look at the recap page to understand what I mean by that. Of course my drama-watching habits themselves are not good.

I ended 2014 having experienced the greatest loss of my life and you can see that this site is very much neglected. My family life and drama life do not go hand in hand. My family doesn’t like what I like and I’ve decided after losing my most important person that I need to be spending more quality time with my family at this time. I am not letting this blog go in any way, but I probably won’t post on as regular of a basis as I was doing before. Who would have thought that this hobby would make me feel guilty in other ways.

I said on AAA’s Facebook page that I am doing what I want right now and recharging. Things will be difficult for quite some time. I will finish up LIAR GAME, Smile, Donghae, Ruby Ring, and Sound of the Desert. It will take some time but these things will be finished. When I tie up these loose ends, only then will I try to move onto new dramas and blogging about them. You may be finding more reviews than recaps coming from at this time. I don’t plan on giving up recapping altogether, but it feels of late it’s just too much work. Even more so than writing a review, recaps can take tons of hours and dedication. Watching, re-watching. Writing. Re-watching. Screencapping. Sometimes it feels like all of this effort and no one reads them. LOL. Seems impossible with the stats I have, right? It’s just that feeling that I think some bloggers feel. Doing all of this work and for what purpose? Oh, I know the purpose. I love a drama and want to share. I went from giving impressions and thoughts to doing play-by-plays. Are they really all that necessary? I don’t know.

Here is hoping that AAA will see even more years. More dramas, more music. And whatever else might be dreamed up.


  • Awwwww Happy 5th Anniversary. Family is important but you also have a life and your passion for blogging will keep you busy. I will be here, always, for your next post. Until then, don’t feel guilty and do what’s best for you. 😊

  • Congratulations! I am so proud of you! (: But remember, never push yourself to do something that you are uncomfortable with. Just do what you want and what makes you happy. (:

    • Thanks! I’m proud of you, too. Congratulations on the big move and I’m looking forward to watching The Lady and The Liar with you and watching your blog evolve even more.

      I am enjoying what I’m doing know in splitting everything up. I’m kind of on a schedule now and it is working. Still needs some fine tuning, but it’s getting there.

      • Nawwww, thank you! Still struggling to get my blog up and running the way I want it, namely my headers. I just haven’t found the time around it yet, lol.

        That’s good, it’s nice to have a balance with life. 🙂

  • First of all, congrats on the 5-year milestone, NeeNee! In the blogosphere, that is HUGE. Your dedication is really something to be proud of. 🙂

    At the same time, I totally hear you about wanting to re-prioritize and spend time with loved ones. Finding a new balance that works for you and makes you happy AND gives you time for family is completely legit and the right way to go. Rootin’ for ya! Fighting~! ^^

    • Thank you! Here’s toasting to you and hoping you reach that milestone, too. 🙂 And thanks for your support. Slowly, but surely, I’m finding more of a balance of things 🙂

  • Congratulations NeeNee! 5 years is a huge deal and it’s amazing that you’ve stayed the course for so long! Hoping you find the sweet spot between family, the blog and everything you find worthwhile doing 🙂

    • Thanks, DDee! I’m thinking I am slowly finding the balance of enjoying my hobby while enjoying my family. I am on my laptop writing up blog posts while enjoying watching crappy American reality shows together with my grandfather, lol.

  • Congratulations! I’m so glad I found your blog, because you’re a great blogger!

  • Congrats! 5 years of continuous blogging is a feat. i can only hope to be the same. hope u are able to work things out and keep writing if that’s what u want to do=)

    • Thank you. Five years is a blogging feat and I’m happy to have hit this milestone. I can’t believe it really has been five years already. I am wishing you all the best with your blog!

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