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August Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

Golf Mike

It’s the last official giveaway week of August already? Up for grabs is Thai music! If you’re not interested in Thai music, I can be persuaded to do a mix tap containing Japanese, Korean, and/or Chinese/Taiwanese music. I was thinking of devoting a tape to Korean indie music at one time. But…Thai music is pretty awesome, so I hope someone

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Flashback Thursday #9

header - AMAA

Aloha! And welcome to the next series of July Flashback Thursdays. I decided to wait until the first full week to continue these posts. We have now entered into 2012. It’s Asian Addicts Anonymous‘s third year of existence. I started off 2012 with the official decition to not have two separate sites for music and drama. Thus the sites I

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June Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

Sailor Moon

This is going to get confusing to be sure as I’m going to talk about two giveaways here. First things first, congratulations to Faryna for winning the complete set of the manhwa Model by Lee So-young. It really is a great series that I enjoy rereading from time to time. I have been very vocal about Sailor Moon being one

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A Very Merry Unbirthday

Cute punny picture

This past February Asian Addicts Anonymous turned 5! It’s really an amazing feat in the blogging world. This blog has suffered from an identity crisis, site migration, database crashes, working two jobs, malaise, caring for my ill grandmother, canning, my other hobbies, and my always unpredictable drama-watching habits…and my writing which can be horribly verbose or completely lacking in personality

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5 Year Blogaversary


I can’t believe it’s been officially five years blogging as of today. I had all these big ideas about how I wanted to celebrate such a special milestone…that didn’t happen. I will be doing something special, but at this time, I just can’t put much into celebrating on the actual anniversary itself, but do expect that in the coming months

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