Kuroshitsuji The Movie MV – Gabrielle Aplin Through the Ages

So, this was actually released nearly a month ago, but I seem to have missed it. Won’t be the last time, lol. But, thought I’d share. I am looking forward to this movie, but I must say that this MV really didn’t do much for me. I’m not 100% sold on the cast and the changed plot as of yet and this, while giving us more glimpses into the movie, doesn’t give enough meat to make any determination on, except actually to confuse me quite a bit…

Anywho, enjoy the scenes for Kuroshitsuji and enjoy Gabrielle Aplin’s beautiful voice!

You can see movie stills from Kuroshitsuji here. And you can check out a cute little gif that Google+ created using its automagic feature.

Mizushima Hiro


  • Eh, I think the MV is kinda slow since it mainly shows them talking. But maybe it was in an attempt to avoid revealing spoilers..

    • True. Nothing like listening to pretty music and then watch Goriki and Mizushima…talk…

      Most of the scenes that aren’t talking I think seem to be more of the backstory scenes that show how Ciel and Sebastian ended up in their contract. I am really curious about this movie.

      • EXACTLY! T_T” I hope they release another MV with more..oomph to it. I think the MV also feels even slower because I’m comparing it to the intense & fastpaced teasers!

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