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June Anniversary Giveaway Week #1

Matsushita Yuya, Nishii Yukito

Happy June! The anime giveaway is officially over and congratulations to our final winner avellend581! Howl’s Moving Castle is now yours! Such a wonderful movie. If you entered the anime giveaway, but did not win a prize, you are automatically entered to win the 1-year Crunchyroll subscription that will be given away at the end of this month!

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JMovie: Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler

Goriki Ayame, Mizushima Hiro

It’s inevitable really. I get excited when I learn that something I have read is coming to life. Well…I actually haven’t read much of the Black Butler series, but I have enjoyed the anime immensely. Plus, I’ve watched both musicals starring Matsushtia Yuya in the role of Sebastian. For whatever reasons, I was cautiously happy about learning of the live

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Song of the Week – 21 April 2014

I was seriously thinking of featuring the song “Everything Changes” from Bii & co.’s Imperative 2 album, but it almost seemed superfluous what with them being my top song pick of March in my music recommendations yesterday. Then the first song I heard today (that was from the Imperative 2 mini album) was a song from Matsushita Yuya’s digital album #Musicoverdose.

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