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JMovie: Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler

Goriki Ayame, Mizushima Hiro

It’s inevitable really. I get excited when I learn that something I have read is coming to life. Well…I actually haven’t read much of the Black Butler series, but I have enjoyed the anime immensely. Plus, I’ve watched both musicals starring Matsushtia Yuya in the role of Sebastian. For whatever reasons, I was cautiously happy about learning of the live

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Zettai Kareshi Episode 5 Recap

Hayumi Mokomichi

Soshi bets on Riiko’s cream puffs, but they do not sell well at the expo due to their lack of “prettiness.” This lands Soshi in hot water and he takes the punishment for Riiko’s “failure.” Meanwhile, Night shows more and more how he’s experiencing REAL emotions which worries Namikiri especially now that the 01 model can be mass produced.

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Zettai Kareshi Episode 4 Recap

Aibu Misaki, Hayami Mokomochi

Riiko’s complete lack of interest in Night’s sudden “attraction” to Mika is odd. Sure, she doesn’t see him as her ideal lover yet, but given how she’s softening towards him, what is with this lack of reaction? Actually, her attitude this episode kind of frustrates the heck out of me. That being said, LOVED all the physical comedy for Riiko

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