Saying Goodbye

Park Sun Young

Yes. I was going to try to keep things going for as long as possible, but it’s hard. Being an adult, being a caretaker to a grandparent, working a job where I am in front of a screen more than I am not, really makes it hard to watch dramas and blog about them.

I would sincerely love to keep this project going and will hopefully be able to do posts every now and then, but probably no more drama recaps or reviews, although I would love to finish the ones I started someday. I am letting my paid plan expire and I may be letting the domain expire, too. When that happens later this year, I forget when, you will be able to access the site at to still be able to see the recaps, reviews, and recommendations.

This was a site that started to learn WordPress for work and morphed into my precious baby and I had a lot of fun with it and making fellow drama and music lover friends.

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