Christmas Countdown 2017 Day 1 – Toxic “Count Down”

It has been too long, hasn’t it? I am scurrying around to finish some last minute Christmas gifts, but I want to get back to posting soon. Things are doing slightly better…although I did get in trouble with my doctor this go round. Oops.

Because this is an annual tradition, let’s get ready to kick off the countdown to Christmas with my favorite Korean band duo – Toxic (also stylized 톡식). I thought it appropriate to start a countdown with…drumroll…”Count Down”! I have gone away from just finding Winter/Christmas related Asian music. This countdown is simply Asian songs that I love. Sort of a seven days of musical gifts and recommendations.

Yes, I have a post about their album Count Down. I love this band. I wish there was more for them music-wise, but it has been awhile since last I checked. In recent years, they have made appearances in drama OSTs. This duo won the first season of KBS’s Top Band. No…it didn’t launch them to instant stardom sadly. But they have put out great albums if you like their style of music.

Their songs “Lonely” and “Into the Night” remain in my list of all-time favorites. I am thinking that this Christmas season, I will focus on songs from the past, from groups that might not necessarily still be active, but whose music I still love.

I hope everyone is gearing up for a safe and lovely holiday season. Until tomorrow.



  • Thanks for introducing me to a new group (but I think my tastes are too old fashioned for rock) .

    My personal favorite: Park Hyo Shin singing “Happy Christmas” in a rehearsal room (that must not have heat as he and all the musicians are bundled up in winter coats).

    • Park Hyo Shin is an amazing singer. I just love his music. 🙂 I grew up on old country music and 80s hairbands. I like a wide range of music from country to rock to pop, etc.

      • “Hairbands”?

        • You know, the age where rockers like Poison and Bon Jovi etc. Had their long hair and such. My aunt was a teenager in tghe 80s and she loved that music and my grandparents always listened to country, especially the classics like Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn…

          • lol. I want sure if it was a play on words like “air bands” or a type of music genre band. lol

            I was in my 30’s in the 80’s. lol

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