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Monday Jams – 24 November 2014

Song of the week didn’t sound quite right today. The songs I’ve selected to feature just really reflect my current moods and what’s going on in life. That’s one of the great things about music, isn’t? First up is Korean band Toxic’s official debut song “Lonely”. The holiday season is encroaching on us already. This week is Thanksgiving in the

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Toxic Comeback – Deja Vu

Time EP

Yay! It seems like it’s been ages since Korean rock duo Toxic has done anything new. That isn’t really true as they have been, like many other Korean rock bands, actively participating in OSTs from Korean dramas, but it’s rare for artists to actually promote those tracks, you know? So I’m happy Toxic is back and “Deja Vu” is classic

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Song of the Week – 14 April 2014

Lips-Bite logo

Daebak. I admit that I have not heard of lips-bite [입술을깨물다] a band from South Korea that officially came together as a band in 2010 and released their first album in 2011 before. So how did I discover this? I was on SoundCloud listening to The Alphards’ 4 song demo again and after the songs cycled through, different music started

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The Forgotten #3: Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young

It’s Wednesday, so that means another post in NeeNee’s “The Forgotten” series. I really like doing this series. I’m not sure if anyone actually reads these posts or understands just why I do them, but it’s unlikely (for the time being) that I’ll stop them until I run out of rediscoveries of albums and artists. Also, rather unfortunately, most people

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New Discovery: 엑티비티 (Activity)

Neo Nal Tteona i Jari EP

Thanks to discovering Bar Eden Hall’s YouTube channel where videos of Korean indie artists playing live are posted, I discovered this awesome Korean band called 엑티비티 (Activity)! It was a love at first listen…to a LIVE video. Half the time live videos aren’t the most stellar, mainly just because the video and sound quality are generally low, but these are

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