Asian Drama Banners Take 2

My skills leave a lot to be desired. I’ve made banners for the various dramas I’ve covered in the past and  I’ve been very happy with some and very displeased with others, so I spent some time fixing up a few banners. They are less busy and hopefully a little better aesthetically speaking.

Gu Hye Sun, Jiro WangI’m still not 100% happy with the banner for Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend, but it’s coming along and I do like it a lot better than the original one below.

I also revamped Korean drama Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. I wanted to have the banner encompass the part of the drama that I really liked…which was the bromance and friendship amongst our “bachelors” as they realized their new dream together. The whole makjang hidden identity backstabbing and psycho mother…Yeah…who needs to remember that part of the drama? So here’s Ji Chang Wook’s character giving Lee Gwang Soo’s character a back hug. If only I had better quality images, I would have tried to get a good shot with all 5 of the boys and just how great they were together.

Ji Chang Wook, Lee Gwang Soo

The original banner was poorly made and featured the child versions of our OTP and the adult…along with Evil Psycho Mother.

I think I’m going to try at least one really good picture of each of our bachelor’s and do another attempt. I’ve got TONS of Ji Chang Wook, but he was the main character, lol.

And in other news, check out the new headers that heisui at My Drama Tea was so kind to make! I really love her talent in making headers. If only I could do anything half as good as she can. The headers are from Sound of the Desert and Dear, Sister.


And redbeanmochi at Give Me Dramas was so very nice to make me a header with the totally awesome Eddie Peng. He’s a great actor and he is really shining with the character of Wei Wu Ji in Sound of the Desert.

asianaddictsanonheader-by-givemedramas.jpgSee? My skills are definitely lacking in comparison, lol. I plan on doing better, yep, yep. Hence why I’m going to slowly work on recreating some banners for dramas and working on doing some for the dramas I am currently working on. Let’s see how this project progresses, shall we?

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