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Asian Drama Banners Take 2

Ji Chang Wook, Lee Gwang Soo

My skills leave a lot to be desired. I’ve made banners for the various dramas I’ve covered in the past and  I’ve been very happy with some and very displeased with others, so I spent some time fixing up a few banners. They are less busy and hopefully a little better aesthetically speaking. I’m still not 100% happy with the

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Zettai Kareshi Episode 5 Recap

Hayumi Mokomichi

Soshi bets on Riiko’s cream puffs, but they do not sell well at the expo due to their lack of “prettiness.” This lands Soshi in hot water and he takes the punishment for Riiko’s “failure.” Meanwhile, Night shows more and more how he’s experiencing REAL emotions which worries Namikiri especially now that the 01 model can be mass produced.

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Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 8 Recap

Night’s jealousy is triggered and he starts veering even further from his normal programs. Xiao Fei lets Zong Shi know that Night is the one in her heart while Zong Shi becomes more suspicious of what Night, Xiao Fei, and Lei Wu Wu are hiding from him. Enter in a man from Xiao Fei’s past and things are getting even more complicated.

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