Angel’s Revenge Episode 99 Recap

Finally! The truth has been fully revealed and Julia Kim is teaming up with the Seo family for some much needed revenge on Jang Tae Jeong for all his diabolical deeds. I hear the episode tonight will be a doozy. I can’t wait. Too bad we’ll get the typical junk ending (happy but less than satisfying), but hey, at least we’ll get to see TJ put in place before that happens.

Ji Seok rushes out of the hospital to try to catch Julia Kim before she leaves Korea after learning that she is the mother he’s been looking for since he was seven years old. Wifey gets there and he’s panicked. He needs to get there and if he misses her, he must take a flight out, too. He goes to tell Seon Yu just who Julia Kim is and she beast him to it as she already knows. Plus…she’s brought mommy there. What a…touching reunion. You know…while you understand Julia’s rage and you know Ji Seok has desperately been wanting to find this woman all his life…he’s too quick to forgive and forget all the evil Julia has done…not that it’s all bad compared to everything other people have done in this drama, but still. Ignorance doesn’t give her the right to take out her anger on the entire Seo family. But then again…the innocent are always punished thanks to the fault of the guilty.

Aran is going through Mrs. Gong’s room trying to figure out just why Julia Kim has a grudge about money when she finds the picture of Ji Seok and his mother and she recognizes the woman. she then gets a call from Mrs. Gong and she and Ji Hui rush to the hospital. Mrs. Gong then confesses everything to everyone (save Ji Seok who is currently with Julia). Son #1 was desperate because L Foods was failing and his family would be swimming in debt. Mrs Gong was rushing to see Julia when the accident happened. She and Mr. Park then learn of Jeong Wu being alive and Mrs. Gong takes the amnesiac boy home with her lying and saying he’s her grandson while she takes all the valuables and cash from the Han household to save her son’s family. This upset Wu Hyeon who was a younger boy and he ran away from home, got sick, and thus ended up the way he is now. Aran is livid. Rightly so. She spent half her life hating her husband, Ji Seok, and a mistress that didn’t exist.

Aran goes home and since her husband is dead all of her spite will be going towards Mrs. Gong. Ji Hui tells her mother not to hate Mrs. Gong so much as Mrs. Gong had hinted to Ji Hui about how agonizing it is when you miss the opportunity to make things right. Aran still believes she should not have been kept in the dark by both her husband and Mrs. Gong. Ji Hui then says that she believes that just like sh wishes Sarang was her real son, that Mrs. Gong also kept it from Aran as she really wished Ji Seok was her real grandson.

Ah…and Ji Seok has overheard the entire story. After hearing mommy say that Mrs. Gong plotted murder for the Han fortune, Ji Seok had to visit Mrs. Gong. He heard the whole story. He never really believed she was a murderer and he was right. He does later go in to visit along with his mother. The whole family then start their plotting which is to keep it a secret from everyone that Mrs. Gong is awake and that Julia Kim knows the whole truth. this way they can take Tae Jeong by surprise and kick his rear with an unexpected and well deserved sucker punch.

Tae Jeong is in a bit of a panic worrying that Mrs. Gong woke up and that is why Seon Yu was chasing after Julia Kim. Of course, Miss Yoon is of no help and he threatens to fire her later. Miss Yoon remains composed and even tells Tae Jeong to refer to Seon Yu by her official title! Daebak. I like it that Tae Jeong got reprimanded by the secretary. She knows most of hid dirty laundry anyways. So Tae Jeong leaves still feeling uneasy. He then gets a call from Julia and he’s shocked to learn she’s still in Korea. He rushes over to her hotel and Julia lies saying she didn’t meet up with Seon Yu and that she decided it was best to stay for his official inauguration to show her support instead of throwing him to the proverbial wolves all alone. This makes him very worried that Mrs. Gong will wake up and tell the truth first.

Meanwhile, Seon Yu learns that the baby she thought was Jin Yu’s mother is now able to take care of him. This makes Seon Yu happy. Miss Yoon then says that the mother is very grateful to Seon Yu for sponsoring the baby all of this time and would like to meet her. Miss Yoon then hints that Seon Yu will be in for a shock. Can you guess why that would be? We don’t see the woman’s face, but judging by Seon Yu’s expression, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

Of course, the Heos are all in on the secret since Bong Chang was there when Mrs. Gong woke up. Dal Nyeo happens by and hears them mention Seon Yu’s big secret, but Gi Jin catches her eavesdropping and yells before she can hear anything. Dal Nyeo demands to know the secret and then also tells Gi Jin to stay away from her daughter. Gi Jin then says the only thing he ever told Tae Mi was that Tae Jeong will get justice like he deserves and Dal Nyeo huffs off miffed wand worrying over the big secret.

Tae Jeong goes to Mrs. Gong’s room at the hospital. Ji Hui acts nervous and surprised and Tae Jeong barges in. Mrs. Gong is lying inert, eyes closed and Ji Hui and Seon Yu assert she has never woken up and that she’s not a liar like Tae Jeong pretending to be in a coma. Tae Jeong leaves satisfied in thinking he’s safe for now and that things will continue to go in his favor. That’s when he sees the baby’s mother. She’s a dead ringer for Jin Yu!

End episode. Can’t wait for tonight!

They say that in this world, everyone has a twin. A doppleganger. But how convenient is it that the writers wrote in a woman who looks exactly like Seon Yu’s dead sister? A little too convenient, don’t you think? But if it means Tae Jeong and the Jangs get their just desserts, assa!


  • I love the whole idea of fate and karma in k-dramas. You just KNOWWWWWWWW the universe jumped in with this doppelganger to make Tae Jeong’s life miserable.

  • I really liked this episode even though there is still a distance between Ji Seok and Seon Yu. I also found it interesting that the formerly over-the-top crazy Ji Hui was the voice of reason. It really shows how much Mrs. Gong’s understanding meant to her. It also really shows, along with her working as a team with Seon Yu, how far she has come as a character. I was a bit surprised initially by how quickly Ji Seok worked through all of this news, but then again, he really does not have time to wallow and pine over anything. And frankly, at this point, should anything surprise him? Alien abduction perhaps, but that is about it. They all have to focus to bring down Tae Jeong. Did you notice the look in his eye when he found out that Tae Jeong was the person that caused Mrs. Gong’s collapse?

    • Yeah, Ji Seok was really angry about that. Can’t blame him can you? It does show amazing growth as a character that Ji Hui has reformed and gone back to her original self…well a more mature, rational version of her former self. Thankfully she isn’t going to be evil til the end and has realized the error of her ways.

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