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Angel’s Revenge Episode 103 Recap

Kwon Yool

And here we are at the end of another longer journey. I had expected to hate this ending much more than I did. As much as I think Tae Jeong as a character didn’t deserve redemption, you have to give mad props to Park Jung Chul on his amazing acting in that role. After being an evil scumbag, his returning

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 102 Recap

Yoon So Yi

One episode to go. One episode in which Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo will dominate only leaving a little bit of room for our OTP to get back together again. With over 100 episodes…you couldn’t devise a better, less rushed ending? I mean, Tae Jeong’s justice took long enough in coming, but what we really want is to see Ji

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 101 Recap

Angel's Revenge E.101

Sooooo…You know, not much has changed. Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo, will they ever see the error of their ways? Will Seon Yu ever realize just what it is that Ji Seok wants? Those three magic words that will make their relationship magically better? And does Ji Seok believe it when Seon Yu says she only used him to the

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 99 Recap

Angel's Revenge E.99

Finally! The truth has been fully revealed and Julia Kim is teaming up with the Seo family for some much needed revenge on Jang Tae Jeong for all his diabolical deeds. I hear the episode tonight will be a doozy. I can’t wait. Too bad we’ll get the typical junk ending (happy but less than satisfying), but hey, at least

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Angel’s Revenge Episodes 97-98 Recap

Angel's Revenge E.98

I’ll be officially done with this drama next week. It’s kind of funny. Normally I do several dramas all at once, but since I started the year off with a daily drama (well, two, but I gave one up as I got way behind quite fast) that means I haven’t been recapping any other dramas. I haven’t even been watching

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 96 Recap

Angel's Revenge E.96

While Julia’s reasoning is not entirely wrong…that doesn’t make it right at all, does it? And Tae Jeong…how much lower will this guy stoop? Well, we all knew he was evil. He tossed Jin Yu away, left her on the side of the road dying while giving birth to their son, he’s tried to kidnap and get rid of Seon

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 95 Recap

Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

I should be doing God’s Quiz, but instead I am doing this tonight. Ah chum. Seriously. Don’t expect an in depth synopsis or anything of the episode. Just don’t. Ah…I can tell you that I was chuckling with the absurdity of this episode, especially Tae Jeong’s grand act. The man should be a drama writer, he’s so good at coming

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 94 Recap

Yoon So Yi

Right now it’s one giant race against time, isn’t it? Since Tae Jeong has solved the riddle behind Julia Kim’s past with Mrs. Gong and also learned just who Ji Seok really is, he must race to hide all evidence of Ji Seok being Julia’s son before she discovers the truth and kicks Tae Jeong to the curb in favor

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Angel’s Revenge Episodes 92-93 Recap

Angel's Revenge E.92-93

In this episode we have kidnapping, fake bartering, hidden agendas galore, and Seon Yu becomes everyone’s whipping post. Well…not really on the last part, but come on this woman is already swimming in more guilt than she can handle and every time someone new finds out the truth it only adds to the agony and that she must leave when

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