Angel’s Revenge Episode 91 Recap

So, we’re still hovering in a holding pattern while we are waiting for the nitty gritty back stabbing hidden agendas and new revenge schemes to start. I have a feeling that Julia could just be using Tae Jeong only to throw him away, but I guess if we look at it realistically, Julia has no idea her son has been adopted into the Seo family thus by ruining them, she’s destroying her own son, so why would she keep the company for herself to run when she can hand it over to Tae Jeong?

Tae Jeong is all gloating in front of Seon Yu who demands to know what he’s up to,  but he won’t tell. He catches sight of Mrs. Gong and asks Seon Yu to ask her backers instead. Seon Yu learns the truth from Mrs. Gong and is horrified. Meanwhile, Ji Hui and Aran get swarmed by reporters outside of the prosecutor’s office. Looks like the reporters knew about the Roger and Kim deal before even the Seo family did. Will the Seos be forced to take the offer? Mother and daughter meet Tae Jeong leaving L Foods and Ji Hui and Aran both hurl insults and I can’t believe their shock when Tae Jeong refused to allow himself to be smacked by Aran. Seriously? Aran isn’t stupid and she’s picking up more and more that Tae Jeong is really gunning for Ji Hui. Just what did her daughter do? Good question. She’ll find out soon, won’t she?

Tae Jeong meets with Julia who tells him to be aware of Mrs. Gong as she is not an easy opponent at all. Mrs. Gong has no problem taking, but has big problems giving. Tae Jeong asks about Julia’s relationship to the woman, but Julia pulls an Aran by yelling at him and telling him his job is to do as he is told and only Julia is allowed to ask questions. I don’t get how he’s okay with this, but not okay with the tail wagging for Aran.

Seon Yu has followed Tae Jeong and she tries to warn Julia about Tae Jeong’s lies and betrayals, but Julia says she is more than well enough aware about betrayal in general and she just leaves. Tae Jeong throws a warning Seon Yu’s way and Seon Yu puffs up her chest and says she will destroy Julia’s trust in Tae Jeong by revealing the murder at long last. Tae Jeong is angry at Seon Yu bringing this up yet again, but is also pretty certain it’s not possible for her to expose him as all the evidence has been swept away.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Gong and Ji Seok meet with the major shareholders who were already briefed by Tae Jeong. Ji Seok warns them not to trust the evil man, but they also throw back that if Tae Jeong was so bad, Ji Seok and crew should have been extra careful and not endangered the company. Thus, having no support from the board, Ji Seok is forced to call Tae Jeong to his office to sign the paperwork and hand over the shares. Ji Seok thanks him for showing him who his enemies really are and he vows that he won’t let it all end there. Right. He also instructs Mr. Kim to arrange a meeting with Julia. Will she recognize her adult son, I wonder?

After lots of thinking Seon Yu pays Ji Seok a visit. She tells him upfront that she is using both him and his grandmother as that is the only way to stop Tae Jeong and save them all as well as the company. So…when she’s used him and no longer needs him, then she’ll leave him? Aniyo. Seon Yu assures him she will do whatever it is that he asks. If it’s stay, she will remain by his side. If it’s go, she will leave him. Ji Seok still isn’t happy with this answer. Just tell him the entire truth already, Seon Yu…and by that, it’s more of just her finally being completely upfront about her feelings for him because that’s what he really needs.

Seon Yu heads over to the Foundation to start working immediately. By cleaning L Food’s tainted image and running the charity well, she will gain power and will weaken influence against the Seos. Seon Yu explains this all to the upset Aran and tells them what happened with Roger and Kim and Tae Jeong. Seon Yu leaves and Ji Hui dresses her down saying everything is all her fault and her fault alone. Well, she does add Tae Jeong’s name to the list.

Let us pause, shall we? Of course the only person who knows the whole truth is Mrs. Gong. But…in the grand scheme of things, even if Seon Yu never came along, Ji Hui still would be suffering under Tae Jeong, but it would just have taken her even longer to learn the whole truth about how evil and manipulative he is. Going back even further, Mrs. Gong started this all by doing something very bad to Julia Kim which got her lots of money and an adopted grandson who was  treated poorly from day one by Aran. So…pinning everything on Seon Yu and Tae Jeong…they only brought this mess faster, but it was coming anyways. Not that anyone could predict it. When the whole truth is revealed, let us pray that Seon Yu recognizes she is NOT to blame and that this family was way messed up before her interference.

While the company drama is going on, Tae Jeong celebrates with mommy and sister at a ritzy restaurant and Tae Jeong gives Dal Nyeo the greenlight to bring the baby home. This means she goes to the house while everyone’s busy trying to save L Foods and steals Sarang from the unsuspecting Wu Hyeon who calls up Ji Hui. Gi Jin also confronts Tae Mi about Sarang’s true identity and she runs away. Thus Pung Ho and Bong Hwang go to Dal Nyeo’s house where they hear a crying baby and Dal Nyeo and Tae Mi refuse to open the door (obviously).

Seon Yu arrives home and hears the news from Wu Hyeon and then gets the call from her aunt and uncle to let her know Sarang #1 is more than likely Tae Jeong’s and Jin Yu’s son. End episode.

Things are definitely heating up for tonight. Let crazy get crazier. Will Mrs. Gong finally realize everything once Julia meets her? And since Tae Jeong is probably going to learn the truth first…how will he use it to his advantage?


  • *shakes head* That’s my comment for the next few episodes!

  • I cannot imagine how Tae Jeong will be able to get in the way. But yeah, he IS Taejeong and he can and will turn on anyone in a blink. He could blackmail Grandma or try to prevent the key players from meeting but honestly could Julia Kim who knows everything about everyone NOT know about how many kids her lover’s wife had? And don’t folks in Korea have the internet? It’s not as if Julia Kim has been hiding her face? So how is it no one knows who everyone else is? Was Dal Nyeo a go-between?

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