Angel’s Revenge Episode 58 Recap

I meant to get this up yesterday, but have been having neck and shoulder problems again which equates to headache problems. Thankfully Advil PM and a good night’s rest is usually a cure.

Seon Yu squeaks by on luck and ingenuity. Too bad Mrs. Gong isn’t having any of that. She cannot allow Seon Yu to break the A1 curse and stay by Ji Seok’s side. I do have to love that Aran, being wholly ignorant of everything, is doing her best to actually go against her daughter and son-in-law since she believes Seon Yu will only help bring Ji Seok down (as long as Mrs. Gong disapproves, it’s possible Ji Seok could up and leave). An, and poor Tae Mi in this episode…she discovers the truth and is heartbroken. Although it is a tad too early to call herself and Gi Jin Romeo and Juliet as Gi Jin has not shown any interest beyond a more brotherly kind.

Of course Seon Yu isn’t happy that she has to memorize all these names and faces. There’s over 100 people, what will she do? She goes out and asks for more lists from Mr. Kim. Meanwhile Ji Seok stops by with coffee, juice, and sandwiches. He assures everyone it isn’t a bribe and asks them to take care of his grandmother. LOL. He then secretly hands Seon Yu some bandages for her poor feet and leaves. Mr. Kim holds up his coffee with a big smile and thanks Seon Yu. LOL.

To try and memorize everything, Seon Yu goes outside where Ji Seok finds her thanks to Mr. Kim. He knows this is a big test and it is unfair, but he decides to settle in and help Seon Yu study. He quizzes her on various people and Seon Yu pretty much gets them all right. Ji Seok then snuggles into her lap and falls asleep. She tries to resist, but can’t fully stop herself from reaching out and stroking his hair. She then settles in and starts memorizing the names of the orphans associated with the upcoming event.

Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

She and Ji Seok go back to the office together just in time as Mrs. Gong is leaving. Ji Seok offers to go as well, but Mrs. Gong reminds him of his work and leaves with Seon Yu. On the way out he prays that only those who Seon Yu successfully memorized would be there. Seon Yu almost has trouble with the first person, but she quickly recalls and gives the info to Mrs. Gong who greets the woman and talks about personal details which Seon Yu didn’t give. Mr. Kim lets the cat out of the bag and says that Mrs. Gong pretty much already knows everyone. Next, Seon Yu happily points out all the orphans and their achievements. This shocks Mrs. Gong. This was definitely not what she has expected when she gave Seon Yu this task.

Later Mrs. Gong stands overlooking the lake and asks what made Seon Yu memorize the children’s names. Seon Yu replies that she too grew up in an orphanage and while it was nice that people sponsored her, most didn’t know who she was and she always felt loved and special when someone called her by her name, thus she worked extra hard to memorize the names of the orphan as she wanted to show them her warmth and affection. With all of this and Seon Yu showing her best, angelic side, do you think Mrs. Gong will be swayed from her plan? Heck no.

Yoon So Yi

While Mrs. Gong is testing Seon Yu and trying to make her fail, Tae Mi is getting over her hangover when she spies Gi Jin. She quickly hatches a plan to bump into him on purpose. She’s worried about him buying women’s stockings and comes right out and asks if he has a girlfriend he’s buying them for. Gi Jin keeps mum on this and brings up her drunken confession. Tae Mi really has forgotten all about it and tries to back step and say she doesn’t really like Gi Jin (which we know is a lie). She follows him all the way to the pizza parlor to insist she doesn’t and this is where she learns her loveable bum is Hwang Bong and Pung Ho’s son. She quickly heads out before Bong Hwang catches who she is. Bong Hwang asks after the girl and Gi Jin calls her Miss Skewer and talks about how she’s and odd, but good girl. Thus starts Tae Mi’s depression. She feels out Dal Nyeo who talks about hating Gi Jin. Poor Tae Mi.

Angel's Revenge E. 58 cap

Seon Yu goes back to the office where Ji Seok asks what happened. She happily tells him she did well and lucked out. She only memorized about half of the members’ names, but memorized all the children’s. Thankfully only those she knew were actually present. And Mrs. Gong knowing the children’s name really blew up social media with how good and kindhearted she is. So that should give Seon Yu brownie points, dontcha think? Even Mrs. Gong is impressed by just how well she did. How can she fire her now? She quickly takes off her necklace once alone. Tsk, tsk. Really underhanded and dirty, halmeoni.

Ji Hui comes to pay a visit to Mrs. Gong and is angry that Seon Yu insists on announcing her. Ji Hui is Mrs. Gong’s granddaughter and thus no announcement needs to be made. Seon Yu talks about it being her job and she will not let anything get in the way of her doing it properly. Ji Hui starts arguing with Seon Yu as these two are oil and water and Ji Hui is completely poisoned against our former nun. Seon Yu just smirks and since Ji Hui is distracted by her arguing with Seon Yu, our nun uses the chance to let Mrs. Gong know Ji Hui is here. This makes her really angry, but she goes in and tries to show penance to Mrs. Gong for what she did wrong. Mrs. Gong is happy Ji Hui is seeing the light, but she cannot trust Aran and Tae Jeong any longer thanks to what happened. Mrs. Gong does tell her granddaughter that Seon Yu is not by her side out of trust, but out of her trying to kick the girl to the curb as Seon Yu is not nearly good enough for Ji Seok. this brings Ji Hui a modicum of comfort.

Seon Yu and Ji Seok arrange to meet after work to celebrate when Mrs. Gong comes out and the two head to the Seo house. It’s there that Mrs. Gong mentions the missing necklace and orders Seon Yu to the lake to find it. This upsets Wu Hyeon and Aran who discovers that Mrs. Gong hid the necklace in her pocket. So she really doesn’t want Seon Yu to stick around, does she? Aran can’t have that though, she needs Seon Yu (or so she thinks) for he attack against Mrs. Gong and Ji Seok.

Seon Yu searches haplessly for the missing necklace in the dark to no avail. Ji Seok tries calling her repeatedly, but she left her phone at the office. He goes home and Wu Hyeon tells him the pretty lady was sent on an errand by Mrs. Gong. Aran then uses this opportunity to go upstairs and tell Ji Seok what Mrs. Gong did. End episode.

Oh…and I think it’s this episode where we get Bong Chang mooning over Wu Hyeon’s doll. This definitely worries Bangtong who gets very jealous and Bong Chang questions her own feelings for a bit since Bangtong points out its obvious Wu Hyeon likes his mother, but she quickly gives this up and goes back to mooning over the doll again (which she thinks looks like Wu Hyeon). I think it’s nice that she doesn’t see him as less than normal. Meanwhile, poor Wu Hyeon tried to sneak out and gets caught by Aran who pumps him for information regarding Seon Yu and her family. LOL. Got to love it. If Wu Hyeon isn’t interested, he won’t talk to you and will just get upset and walk away. We all know Aran wants more info to work up her plan against Ji Seok and Mrs. Gong.

Angel's Revenge e.58 cap

Hell is got to be breaking loose…or shall we say we are building up to that. Hyeonu is shocked to see Seon Yu there and promises to keep his mouth shut in regards to Jin Yu’s death, but you know what? Hyeonu won’t have Tae Jeong’s back forever. All we need is for Tae Jeong to wrong him and he’ll spill it all and I’m sure they’ll find some evidence to prove that Tae Jeong walked away from the accident and left both Jin Yu and the driver to die.

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