ONE OK ROCK Documentary!

I fell in love with this band after FINALLY listening to them last year. WHY did I wait so long? Who the heck knows, I never like to follow trends I guess, lol. Not really. I just never got around to listening to them too much which is sad. But no used crying over spilt milk. Anywho, the main reason behind this post? ONE OK ROCK is to release a documentary called Fool Cool Rock! It looks like this documentary will hit Japanese theaters in May and run through June. English subtitles would be awesome…as well as US release dates! Though…I suppose the lack thereof isn’t necessarily a reason to avoid checking it out if you can, especially when available on DVD.

Check out the trailer…doesn’t it make you wish you could see them live? If only I had the money and a concert buddy willing to go to Indiana when they are in the US this summer for the WARPED tour.

The official site for the documentary is here: Yes, it’s in Japanese. Would be cool if they had other language versions for their official site, too.


  • Can’t wait for this documentary! They made an awesome performance at Vans Warped Tour Kick-Off Party! XD

    • Waaah, so jealous you got to see them!!! Wish I could make it to one of their Warped stops.

      But I am excitedly awaiting this documentary, too. Wonder how long after theaters that it gets a DVD release?

  • I love these guys, and funnily enough, I got into them because the lead singer is really good friends with Lee Hong Ki, lol. Gotta love the random ways you discover groups. I’d love english subtitles on their DVD!

    • I did not know that! Learned something new today. I remember once seeing LHG talking in Japanese on Twitter with the guitarist of Alice Nine, Hiroto, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

      Really looking forward to a DVD release with English subs (keeping fingers crossed since I believe they have a large enough English speaking following for it to happen)

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