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Song of the Week – 9 June 2014


Does Japanese rock band NOA only do English songs? I wonder. Yes, this song of the week is in English. That being said…I don’t think it’s necessarily correct, proper English as if you listen closely the lyrics don’t make 100% sense. That being said…I love this song! What song? That would be “Sandglass.”

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The Forgotten #5 – ViViD


Um…how did I forget that I managed to snag like the SOLE album available for ViViD in the US? Oh, sure, you can buy their imported CDs which…yeah…will break your wallet, but I do try to buy digital music now for the fact that I’ve kind of run out of room for physical books, CDs and even DVDs. I get

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Song of the Week – 10 March 2014

Neo Nal Tteona i Jari EP

This will be a tad different. Yes, I am picking a song, just one, for the week that’s stood out to me. But this time around, I’m also picking out an album for the week month.. Yes, an entire album. I’ve mentioned this album now in 2 posts and it’s officially been an album I’ve been listening to nonstop…on repeat.

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